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What habit would you like to change? ?

by briangryn | September 29, 2018 | Uncategorized

I remember I used to have a habit of eating cereal for like 2 out of 3 meals per day!!

I soon realized this was an unhealthy habit and quit it!? I was addicted to Frosted Flakes.? I admit it :) Do you have an unhealthy habit that you want to change???
  • Perhaps it's a nightly ice cream binge or
  • Sneaking a candy bar under your desk or
  • Drinking diet coke daily :)
What about that daily Starbucks drink perhaps a Chai Cr?me Frappuccino?!??FYI - This has 51 grams of sugar!! We all have dozens, even hundreds of habits.? Some good!? Some not so good! Sometimes you succeed to change your bad habits but often times you fail.??Why?? You're failing because habits are hard to change because they're so ingrained and so?automatic. When I first started?Intermittent Fasting?it wasn't easy to push back breakfast and it took some adjustment but now it's a habit and has been such a great benefit for myself and my clients. It's all about making small daily changes that can provide new experiences and insights so you can reverse negative past ways. ?There are two kinds of habits: those that serve you, and those that don?t. You have choice over your habits through your everyday actions. The way to erase a bad habit is to replace it with a positive habit."????Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge What can you do to change those unhealthy habits??? Step 1: First, think of a habit change you?d like to change? ? ? ? ? ? ? i.e. Eating bread before meals Step 2:?WHY do you want to make this change?? ? ? ? ? ? ?.i.e. So I can be on my way to losing 10 pounds Step 3:?Why do you want to lose 10 pounds? ? ? ? ? ? ?i.e. So I feel better about my body and have more energy Step 4: ?Why do you want to be lighter and have more energy?? i.e. So I can play with my kids in the backyard and feel more confident with my partner This should really get to the heart of why you want to make a change! Once you make the decision to change a habit, and you have your WHY - ?you will need to create a simple plan for change and set a day to start!!
  • Always?ask the server - please no bread at the table or
  • Use the?Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal?If you want to start intermittent fasting to lose inches (as some of you responded on my poll at?The Get Lean Club)?
  • Hire a personal trainer to hold you accountable to lift weights to gain strength
So to summarize:
  1. Find a bad habit you want to change
  2. Find WHY you want to change it
  3. Have a plan to correct that change
  4. Set a date
Have a great day! Brian

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