Want To Feel Great, Look Amazing, And Do It All Without Counting A Single Calorie?

Lose Body Fat and Gain Energy
With Intermittent Fasting


"As a runner, I've always watched what I ate, but as I got older, I found myself snacking more and adding pounds. Brian helped me get back on track. After the 21 day challenge, I feel lighter, happier and my runs are so much better! Thank you so much!"


"I was 205 lbs, I had a gut I wanted to hide, and I was always low on energy. Then one day I decided to do the 21 day challenge and at the end, my clothes were literally hanging off me. My friends and family couldn?t believe it, and I weighed just 185 lbs."


"Thanks to the intermittent fasting challenge for jump-starting my weight loss efforts. I've lost weight and gotten my body back to the way it used to look in my 20's, even though I'm 39! People are noticing, and I'm bursting with energy!"


"Being in good shape to play with my kids as I age was a huge push to follow the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge! I was hesitant at first but the challenge and journal guided me the whole way! By taking food completely out of the equation from the evening to the next morning, there are no calories to count, and no foods to restrict yourself of. I actually feel like I have more energy by doing it and a smaller waistline. I highly recommend it to anyone to give it a try."