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Use this tool to lose weight!?! ?

by briangryn | October 21, 2018 | Uncategorized

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the advice on nutrition now a days?!?

It just seems like their is a new superfood or weight loss item in the stores or online everyday!! It is out of hand and can be confusing for all of us looking to keep off those extra pounds as we age. That is one of the main reasons I have been such an advocate of?intermittent fasting?for my clients along with myself. I still get this question -?Why do you fast?!?? Are you crazy?!?? They look at me like I have 4 eyes and that I will melt to the ground if I actually skip a meal!! How can you survive by missing one or more of the 1,095 meals we are supposed to eat for the year!?!? That's assuming you are eating 3 meals per day which is conservative for the average american. I want to tell you WHY my clients and I use IF as a weight loss tool among other things....
  • Simplicity - Don?t need to count calories, macros or keep points.? It?s a matter of not eating for a certain time period.
  • Flexibility - Can be done anywhere and at anytime.
  • Saves Time - Allows for more sleep or to be productive doing other things rather than worrying about eating.
  • Cost effective - It saves money - plain and simple.
  • Cheat Days - If you have a cheat day you can get right back into fasting the next day. ?It?s not about being a perfect eater but about balance between your feeding and fasting times.
  • Powerful Results - Fasting is the most powerful tool to decrease insulin levels safely?which can help?lower?your?body set weight.
  • Add to any way of eating? - Whether you eat Paleo, Vegan, Keto, the Carnivore diet, etc.?it doesn?t matter because fasting can be a great addition to any style of eating.

So if you want you to lose weight,?do two things:

  • Eat lower insulin foods?by avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugar which tend to cause the highest insulin levels.
  • Spend more time in a?fasted state?in order to burn more stored food energy and lower insulin levels.
If you need a guide to help you get started with fasting - I have the solution for you -?The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal I hope this helps clarify my reasoning behind fasting and how it can effective it can be for most individuals!
  • Who should not fast?

    • Pregnant, Breast feeding mother, certain women, if you are?underweight (BMI<15) and under age of 18

  • Who should be under?supervision?when fasting?

    • If you take prescription medication

    • If you have gout or high uric acid

    • If you are diabetic (type 1 or type 2)

Enjoy your weekend!! Let me know if you have any questions :) - Brian

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