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Why can't I lose weight?

by briangryn | March 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

Why can't I lose weight?

This is a common question I hear from people. ?It is usually followed up with - "My friend did this grapefruit internet diet and lost 20 pounds or did the Paleo diet and lost 30 pounds! -?Why can't it work for me?" Good question!! The easy yet complicated answer is there is a multi-factorial nature of weight gain/obesity. We all know (if you have read my emails) that?insulin is the main driver of obesity/weight gain. There are many things that can increase or decrease insulin.
  • Refined grains, carbohydrates, and animal proteins can all increase insulin levels.
  • Cortisol is also a major player in stimulating insulin secretion.
  • Fructose increases insulin resistance directly which indirectly leads to increased insulin levels.
There are also a number of protective factors against obesity such as vinegar, fiber and?intermittent fasting?to name a few. The key to understanding obesity?is that many different things can contribute to the development and the treatment.? Obesity is a time-dependent issue meaning?the longer you have obesity, the harder it is to get rid of it. When you try to lose weight, people assume that there is only one problem for everybody. Why can?t I lose weight??Because you must be targeting the wrong pathway.?1
  • If your problem is stress, then increasing fiber is not going to work so good.? Acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga?will help lower your cortisol level and could treat your weight gain problems.
  • If you have insulin resistance, then just reducing carbs may not be the best strategy (intermittent fasting?may work better because you need a sustained period of low insulin).
  • Suppose that you are chronically sleep deprived. We know that this situation increases cortisol levels and will lead to weight gain. Lowering the sugars in your diet will not be particularly successful, because that was not your problem. You might need to either find a new job, get a new pillow and/or?improve your sleep hygiene.
Consider the analogy of?your car not starting. There could be multiple problems. For example, the battery is dead, the car ran out of gas, or the spark plugs are worn out. So, if your problem is that the battery is dead, filling up with gas will not help. Neither will replacing the spark plugs.1 In summary, you must find the particular problem that is causing your obesity/weight gain and target that pathway. If you need help with this I am here for you!!? Click?here?to learn more. Have a great day!! Brian 1

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