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What to drink to make Intermittent Fasting a breeze!

by briangryn | July 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Well I am back from my trip and getting back into my normal eating/fasting routine. It definitely was a challenge to keep it up while traveling with a 6 hour time difference and I am the first to admit that?I fell off the healthy eating horse?a bit. But I am back and getting into my normal routine. This involves skipping breakfast and eating only within an?8-hour period?of the day, typically noon to 8pm, while?fasting for the other 16 hours and taking advantage of your overnight fast. The?Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal?helps guide you into this routine. A question I often get asked from clients is, what are you?allowed to drink?when you are in a fasted state, in order to not break your fast and lose weight more effectively?During the fasted state, your body cannot ingest anything with caloric value (or very little). That means no juice, no milk, no protein shakes, no milkshakes, no smoothies, no added sweeteners. Once in a fasted state, your body will?increase its ability?to burn body fat and gradually get your insulin levels lower. Here are some of?my favorite drinks to help make fasting easier?through the day:

  1. Isotonix Drink?first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. This drink?delivers nutrient dense solutions?which move from the stomach into your intestine in a fast, controlled way. (this has minimal calories and doesn?t raise blood sugar)
  2. Green Tea and/or Black Tea?? Herbal teas can help?stabilize?hunger and detoxify your body, help with sleep, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, and reduce body fat.
  3. Black Coffee?? Coffee?helps?burn body fat, has laxative properties, controls blood sugar regulation, and polyphenol count. 1
  4. Water with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt or Lemon ??Water, both still and sparkling, is always a good choice. Aim to drink two liters of water daily.?Pink Himalayan sea saltcontains over 84 minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar?has?antibacterial properties, no calories, and some superstar minerals such as?(potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium)?which kills bad gut bacteria, and helps reset your metabolism. Apple cider vinegar does not break your fast, it just enhances it.
  6. If you want to mix it up with a?carbonated beverage?every once in a while.?Zevia?works well.
These are a few of my favorite drinks to help make?intermittent fasting?a lot easier?? If you have any questions regarding this or anything else health related feel free to?REPLY?to this email! Also, we have a?Get Lean private community?growing on?Facebook?to get your questions answered, receive more tips and be around like-minded healthy individuals?? Have a great weekend and?Happy Passover?and/or?Happy Easter?to everyone who celebrates! Brian 1?J Nutr Sci. 2014; 3: e48. Published online 2014 Oct 22. doi:?10.1017/jns.2014.19

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