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Tips to Stay Healthy when Traveling!! ?

by briangryn | November 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

I am getting ready to travel to Nashville!!

Has anyone from?The Get Lean Club?been there?? Really looking forward to the trip and it made me realize that some of my clients that travel often always ask the same question... How can I stay healthy both in body and mind when traveling? It can be a little tricky to stay regimented when you are traveling every week for business.? But I wanted to give you my best tips to remain healthy when on the road! 1. ?Be prepared with healthy options such as?clean?health bars?or a raw?nut mix to snack on at airport or at the hotel. 2.??Be sure to get up and move around on the plane every 30 minutes or so.? That is why I prefer the aisle seat so I don't disrupt anyone when I get up and walk the plane. 3. ?Drink lots of WATER!??It's easy to get dehydrated while traveling so be aware! ?Also, drinking water can be filling as well and help you avoid binge eating. 4. ?Bring?a?lumbar pillow?for support while sitting on the plane or in meetings.? I use a small pillow and put it on the lower part of my back when on the plane. 5.??Bring a lacrosse ball,?WOD Ball?or small?foam roller to roll the body.?Just roll every morning and night to release trigger points and increase range of motion. 6.??Get up a few minutes early at your hotel and?do some light stretching/yoga to get the body prepared for the day.??(especially if you are sitting in meetings all day)? If you have time to do an hour yoga class that is even better! Down-dog is a great yoga pose to start the day :) 7.??Eat a healthy meal before getting on the plane - most airports have plenty of salad options or healthy wraps.? (Or just?Intermittent Fast?:)) ----- I have noticed that especially at O'Hare there are some better options if you need to eat at the airport. 8.??Have a side salad with?each meal.? It's OK to try new foods from different areas but avoid?FRIED?foods and don't forget your greens! 9.??Get some sleep!??Find a good pillow?or bring your own pillow so it feels just like home :) 10.??Stay active!??Some pleasure?trips you are walking everywhere?but most business trips there is a lot of sitting. ?So get in a?workout (20 minutes minimum)?and your body and mind will thank you :) Hope these tips help and it's OK to indulge a bit while traveling but everything in moderation so you don't fall completely off the rails :) Have a great weekend!! Brian P.S.? Has your weight loss efforts plateaued?!?? Curious in trying Intermittent Fasting?? Check out my 21 day guide -?The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal?to get you back on track!

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