Some of us want to lose weight or strengthen our cores.

Some of us want to?eat right?and raise our?energy levels. Some of us are here for the?motivation. What binds us is that we all have?individual goals, a beautiful end to an arduous journey.

I want to share a recent journey of mine?one that involved?volcanic rocks, lava, and confusion?that taught me lessons I can?t wait to share with all of you.

I?m writing you from?Hawaii,?on the sunny side of Big Island, the southernmost island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Yesterday, the sun was nowhere to be found?but there was a?search for lava.

My cousins and I traveled to one of the?world?s most active volcanoes.?Not knowing what we were getting into, the locals informed us the general location of where to trek with?no walking trails, no guidance, and no guarantees.

So?off we went amid sideways rain?and?hundreds of miles of uneven volcanic rock. Most of the rock was black but ?beware of the shades of grey,? we were told, ?where it could even melt your shoes.?


I definitely did not come prepared for such a hike and didn?t realize the difficulty of this trek over uneven black terrain.

After an?hour and half?of trekking in what felt like walking on the moon or Mars, I was getting?fatigued and some self doubt?was setting in. Thoughts of?getting lost in the middle of a volcano?with no cell reception crept into my mind but we kept going.?We even began to talk about turning around? but we didn?t.?We were determined to find flowing lava in the middle of this sea of black jagged rocks. And after all that trekking we?finally found life?and let?s just say it was worth the wait.


Here?s the?life lessons?I learned I learned from this adventure:

  1. Try new things. Take a challenge and go head first. Be prepared, of course.
  2. Right when it?s getting to the point of giving up and/or turning around,?just keep going. It?s worth repeating:?Don?t give up.
  3. Glow?like lava???Life can be difficult, especially when we let negativity into our lives. Just remember to infuse your days, in whatever you do, with?glowing rays of positivity.
  4. Flow?like lava???Slow and steady wins the race.?Lava moves at it?s own pace but always gets where it wants it wants to be. And so can you.

So what is your next journey??Get in touch and let me know! Whatever it is, remember that I?m here to help.

Mahalo, and have a great weekend!! Aloha??

? Brian

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