50 Simple Ways to Cut Calories?!?

Mainstream media hasn?t learned?that cutting your calories hasn?t worked in the long term. People just keep?regaining?the weight!!

After six years, nearly all the?Biggest Loser?contestants had regained the weight they lost!

According to WHO (World Health Organization), global?obesity rates?have nearly?TRIPLED?since 1975!!

Yet the same rhetoric has been?preached?over the last 50 years to?Eat Less / Cut your Calories / Watch your portion size.

  • Nutrition labels?were mandated to include calorie counts.
  • Apps and programs?were created to more precisely count calories.
  • Fit-bits?were invented to measure exactly how many calories we are burning.

Well, this advice is all based on a?false understanding?of what causes weight gain.

Restriction of calories?invariably leads to a?reduction in metabolism, ultimately defeating weight loss efforts.

Hormones?control?hunger, telling our body when to eat and when to stop.

Hormones?also regulate our?(BMR) basal metabolic rate, the baseline level of energy needed to keep our bodies running normally.

What is?important?is to control the hormonal signals we?receive?from food, not the total number of calories we eat.

Different foods evoke?different?hormonal responses. Calories are?not?the underlying cause of weight gain ? therefore ? reducing calories could not reliably reduce weight.

Obesity?is a?hormonal imbalance?(not a calorie imbalance) The hormonal problem is mainly?insulin.

The solution???Fasting?? it?s simple, powerful and works!

When you are eating regularly, you are not getting the beneficial hormonal changes of fasting.

During fasting,?unlike?during calorie reduction, the following happen:

  • Metabolism?stabilizes or even goes up to maintain normal energy levels
  • Adrenaline and growth hormone?increase to maintain energy/muscle mass
  • Blood sugar and insulin levels?go down as the body changes from burning sugar to burning fat

So in?2018, should we continue to listen to mainstream media or follow what works??

If you want to get your feet wet with Fasting ? check out my?3 week guide?to get you started with?Intermittent Fasting.

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