As you know, Eating IN is healthier than eating OUT?most of the time because we have?control?over what is going in our foods.

But we all love to dine out at our?favorite restaurants?and you can still enjoy a nice meal with making?smart choices.

REPLY?to this email and let me know your favorite restaurant?!??I enjoy?DOC B?s?in Chicago??

OK!! Get the notepads out ? Here are some?tips?for eating out:

  • Have a?healthy snack (handful of almonds or raw veggies)?before you go out to dinner
  • Drink water with?apple cider vinegar?(helps prevent insulin spike at dinner)
  • Ask the server to?refrain?from bringing?bread?to the table (don?t get tempted??
  • Start your meal with a?side salad?or?healthy soup?so you will be less likely to overeat when your meal comes
  • Drink water?before and during meal (avoid sugars and empty calories of soda or alcohol)
  • Be the?1st person to order?so you are not tempted by other less healthy dishes that may be ordered
  • Avoid?fried foods, creamy sauces, and breaded items
  • Order items that are?grilled, braised, steamed or pan seared
  • Don?t be afraid to ask for?healthy substitutions?(i.e. broccoli instead of potato)
  • Eat till?satisfied?and bring the rest home (most serving sizes at restaurants are 2-3 times too big)
  • Ask for?no salt added?to your item (there is usually plenty of sodium in the food already)
  • If you are ordering a burger, veggie burger or chicken sandwich ask for?NO BUN?and a lettuce wrap??

Well, that?s a lot of tips to digest??

Here are?two common questions?I get from clients?

How should I handle desert?

  • Order a?hot beverage?(coffee or tea) to participate and distract the urge for desert
  • If you do indulge, stick to the?three bite rule?and move on??

Can I drink alcohol?
? Preferably?NO
? But if you must ??Red wine over beer
? If you are going to mix liquor with anything,?opt for?seltzer or club soda instead of fruit juice or soda
??Sparkling H2O?with some muddled citrus, or fresh fruit is a great replacement???(there?s an idea!!)

Don?t let dining out?ruin?your weight loss goals and follow these tips to stay on track!

Have a great weekend!! Let me know if you have any questions!!


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