It?s a term we hear a lot lately in the health world. ?So is it a fad or is there proof that detoxing can help the body heal itself.

Most people get scared when they hear the D word. ?Mainly because they think they will be spending most of their day on the toilet. ?(untrue : )?)

So ask yourself this question?do you take your car in for oil changes? ?I?m guessing you answered YES. ?Well think about your body doing a detox as an oil change for a car.

Let?s look at 5 Main Reasons for a Detox (or oil change)

1. Remove Toxins and Parasites

This sounds gross but your body stores toxins in tissues and organs which can result in metabolic and genetic changes. ?Also parasites can migrate to your blood, lymph, heart, pancreas, and joints causing illness which conventional medicine attributes to other illnesses.

2. Jump Start Weight Loss and Create Good Habits

Eating well is all about changing our behavior and developing better habits. ?Eating mainly veggies for a week helps your body and mind realize that you can do it past the detox period. ?This helps implement habits that could last a lifetime. ?Also a detox rids your body of toxins stored in your fat cells.

3. Slow Premature Aging (more car analogies)

Have you ever seen a car with rust? ?Or cut open an apple and it turns brown?

That is what happens to your body when attacked by free radicals causing stress oxidation. ?Detoxing helps rid your body of free radicals and heavy metals allowing your body to absorb nutrients and antioxidants (link to OPC-3?) to fight oxidative stress that slows aging.

4. Strengthen Immune System

The gut is where most illnesses are formed. ?If we are not eliminating (going #2) regularly (2-3 times a day) its a sign we might need to detox. ?This leaves us vulnerable to colds / flu and other illnesses.

5. Boost Energy

Sometimes you have to digress before you improve. ?The first 3 days of a detox you might lack energy but after that your body is able to recharge , rebalance and refresh resulting in heightened energy and feeling of inner strength and vitality. (no vigorous activity while on a detox)

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