I have heard every excuse in the world. People blame their kids, dogs, or lack of energy to name a few. But the bottom line is those excuses should be reasons why they workout in the first place. People who already make working out a part of their routine usually stick to a certain time every week. But for individuals who tend to find excuses for working out, they should do it first thing in the morning. The key is to commit to it before you go to bed, with workout clothes ready to go.

Here are 5 reasons to set that alarm a bit earlier?

Morning Workouts | Brian Gryn

1. ?Fewer Distractions

Getting up earlier sounds tedious but once you get it in your routine it will be easier. ?Less cars, phone calls, texts, people and most importantly less time to make an excuse.

2. ?Jumpstarts Your Metabolism

Your metabolism will only get a boost for the rest of the day if you take part in resistance training to build muscle. As muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat, your metabolic rate will be kicked into a much higher gear.

3. ?Helps Improve Your Efficiency at Work

Sharper, clearer mind, and more alert. ?Getting a task like working out done right away sets you up for a productive day.

4. ?Builds Self Confidence and Improves Energy

Every workout session takes you one step closer to the ideal look you want to have for yourself, making you feel as good on the inside as you do on the outside. ?It may seem counter intuitive, but researchers say expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run. ?The best time to workout is when you are tired and don?t want to.

5. ?Have Time for Family and/or Socializing After Work

Getting that workout done in the morning leaves your afternoon and evening open to spend time socializing with friends or hanging with your family. Being able to spend time with family should be a good enough excuse to workout in the morning.

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