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Will Losing Weight Decrease Your Metabolism?

November 2, 2022 in Podcast


Losing weight will decrease your metabolism! So what can we do to prevent this from happening?
  • Don't restrict calories too much!
  • Resistance train 2-3 times a week
  • Keep protein high to help build muscle and speed up metabolism
  • Eat whole single ingredient foods (food quality matters)
So be sure to focus on these principles if you are looking to lose weight and maintain or increase your metabolic rate!

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Brian (1s):

Hello and welcome to the Get Lean and Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Grn. I'm a certified health coach, trainer and author, and this podcast is for middle aged men and women looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it once was 10 to 15 years ago. I will give you simple, actionable items to get long term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. All right, welcome to the Get Lean e Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gr. I hope you had a great weekend. We had a beautiful weekend here at Chicago, so hopefully it's some nice weather where you're at and hopefully you'll listen to my last episode with the Meat Mafia, Brett and Harry.

Brian (48s):

And we discussed Brett's battle with Ulcera colitis and how he overcame this by establishing a meat based approach along with, you know, Harry and how he lost over 20 pounds as well. So we didn't just touch on about carnivore eating because they do mix in other when they can fruits and occasional, you know, tubs and, and vegetables in there as well. So not a full on carnivore, but definitely the importance of eating real foods. We also talked about their routine on a day to day basis, the advantages of raw dairy and also about chicken as well. So definitely check out episode 1 97 with the Meat Mafia.

Brian (1m 29s):

And today I wanna touch on a, it's a popular question because you know, a lot of people maybe are trying to lose those extra pounds and they're wondering, well, if I lose weight, you know, and I, let's just say they go with the basic, Okay, I wanna restrict calories, which can be helpful in one sense, but sometimes when you overdo it, it can cause damage. And the question is, as your body weight goes down, does your metabolism goes down? And the answer is yes. So in this episode, I'm gonna just talk touch on a little bit what metabolism is and how we can quote unquote diet, but also maintain a positive and a not wreck our metabolism, essentially.

Brian (2m 12s):

So, you know, what does your metabolism do it for? One thing, it never stops it, it's even when your body's at risk, it's constantly providing energy for your body, your bodily functions. This is breathing, this is circulating blood, digesting food, growing and repairing cells, managing hormonal levels and regulating body temperature. So a lot of times you'll hear people talk about the bmr, which is your basal metabolic rate, and that just refers to the number of calories your body needs to function while you're resting. So essentially, this could vary from person to person. And what you wanna make sure that you do if you are looking to lose weight, is you wanna try to keep that metabolism up as as high as you can, but also lose weight, which, which could be very tricky because it gets harder and harder.

Brian (3m 3s):

For example, if you're on a diet and you're losing weight, essentially you are also gonna, your metabolism's also gonna go down. So I'm gonna talk about essentially what you can do to prevent that from happening. You know, one of the things you don't wanna do is restrict calories too much because you restrict calories too much and a severe deficit is surely gonna cause your metabolism to nose dive. You saw this with like the biggest loser, you know, they eat, eat less exercise more mentality and you know, they tested them out like I think five years after the show and their metabolism was still wrecked from, from all the exercise, the like chronic exercise and the undereating.

Brian (3m 48s):

So that is not the route you want to go. One route you do wanna go is if you are in a slight caloric deficit, which, you know, honestly I'm, I'm, you know, that could be tough to judge from person to person, but I think most importantly what you should be doing is just eating whole foods is the quality of the foods that you're eating is most important as opposed to worrying so much about calories. But one of those, those macronutrients that you do wanna focus on is protein. And you want to keep protein high when you're dieting and, and one of the things that can help do is it helps spear muscle when you're dieting. So the more muscle you can keep, the better you are off. And so if you're, what I would say is if you really want to rev up your metabolism, you should do resistance training.

Brian (4m 33s):

And if you listen to any of my podcast we always talk about that's like the ultimate anti-aging pill is resistance train. You don't have to do it every day two to three times a week. I think consistently is really a good like routine to get into. So that's what I would say is make sure that you're eating quality whole foods, single ingredient foods that you're not calorie restricting like crazy and over exercising, keeping consistent resistance training going and making sure that your protein is up as well. Cuz I've talked about it before. As we age, we need to make sure that we really keep that protein up because your body does not absorb it as well as you were when you know, as it did when you were in your twenties.

Brian (5m 17s):

So that's all I wanted to touch on today. Let's keep those metabolisms reving up and you can do those by consuming protein resistance training and eating full, full nutrient dense foods that are single ingredients. So that's all I got for you today. I hope you have a great rest of the week and I'll talk to you on Friday with another great interview. Thanks so much. Thanks for listening to the Get Lean E Clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine and I appreciate that. Check out the show notes@Briangrn.com for everything that was mentioned in this episode. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member that's looking to get their body back to what it once was.

Brian (6m 2s):

Thanks again and have a great day.

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