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The Most Nutrient Dense Food on The Planet

October 20, 2022 in Podcast


Adding beef liver into your life could be a game changer for your health!

In this episode, I discuss why adding in some beef liver could help your skin become clearer, help you gain more energy and even build muscle! I touch on some of the essential nutrients that help make the liver one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet!

Most people assume that fruits and vegetables are the best way to get your essential vitamins and minerals but beef liver is loaded with even more bioavailable nutritional value. Just 100g of liver contains more than 100% of the recommended daily value for various micronutrients and it’s also a great source of protein as well!

Here are some convenient ways to consume liver:





Hello, and welcome to the get lean and eat clean podcast. My name is Brian grin. I'm a certified health coach, trainer and author. And this podcast is for middle-aged men and women looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it once was 10 to 15 years ago. I will give you simple, actionable items to get long-term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. All right. Welcome to the get lane E clean podcast. My name is Brian. GRN hope you had a great weekend. Happy Tuesday. If you're listening to this on Tuesday and hope you listen to my interview with Trent MacIntyre, with the inventor of brain speedball just got mine in.


So I'm gonna give it a whirl and put some air in it and, and I'll let you know on report back how it goes. So that's episode 180 7, fire up your brain. So it's, I think it's something that a topic that should be discussed more. We always talk about, you know, lifting weights and getting strong, but we need to make sure that we're using our brains and activating our brains as we get older as well. So definitely check that interview out, really enjoyed meeting Trent. And today I wanted to touch on maybe a topic that well, I should say we talk about nutrient dense foods a lot, and I've gone through, I've done some episodes where we've talked about, you know, the most nutrient dense foods.

(1m 30s):

And I actually hasn't been published yet, but I interviewed again, Marty Kendall with optimizing nutrition and he talks all about nutrient density and the importance of it, because really that's gonna help control satiety. And if you're eating empty calories all day, your body's just gonna be craving more, craving, more craving more. So what I wanna talk about today was one of the most nutrient dense foods out there it's, it's been known as, as like the multivitamin of food, and that is beef liver. I feel like liver was something that was eaten back in the day.

(2m 12s):

I remember my grandparents would eat it and now I think a lot of people just think it's disgusting and don't eat it. But beef liver is something that I think you could implement into your life. And there's a few different ways you can get these capsules. I get 'em through ancestral supplements where it's freeze dried liver, or, and then you don't taste anything. Or there's some of these like beef crisps, these beef liver crisps, where there's a few companies that make 'em and I can put some links, but anyways, I'll put some links in some places where you can get liver. I actually, my wife's been making liver onions maybe once every few weeks and, and I really actually enjoy it.

(2m 54s):

So it's, if you're looking to a add in the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, I would start throwing some beef liver in there cuz a hundred grams of liver contains more than a hundred percent of the recommended daily value for various micronutrients. So, and it's also a great source of protein. So I'm gonna sort of walk through some of the main nutrients that you can get. There's eight essential ones that can really go a long way. And these are things that may, you might not get from other foods. And the first one is vitamin a. So vitamin a is actually one of the more important nutrients that we have it functions as far as preserving eyesight, supporting a healthy immune system, maybe even reducing acne, promoting healthy reproductive function.

(3m 42s):

So it's pretty important. Let's just say this and vitamin a is abundant in beef liver. The next one is vitamin B. You always hear about the B vitamins, right? Especially for people who don't eat meat, they could be deficient. And a lot of people are deficient. Well, vitamin B plays a huge role in DNA production repair, red loss, cell development, amino acid metabolism, cell growth helps convert food to energy. Also acts as an antioxidant. So one serving of beef liver contains 220% of the recommended dietary intake of B2 and folate B nine 60% of the RDI for that.

(4m 31s):

And then B12 a huge amount of B12 and B nine and B12 are critical for brain function. So definitely vitamin a vitamin B. Next is vitamin D. Now we always hear vitamin D and how you wanna get sunlight. But a lot of times we don't always get sunlight. We're inside. We're at, you know, it's winter and vitamin D deficiency is extremely common and this could lead to being deficient, could lead to fatigue, depression, impaired wound healing and even hair loss. So vitamin D is only about 5% of the RDI is in beef liver, but every little bit counts and you definitely can, can get some vitamin D from beef liver.

(5m 22s):

Your best bet is to get out and get some sunlight. And if you artificial, you might even have to supplement in vitamin D. But so we got vitamin a vitamin B vitamin D. We got colon. Colon is an extremely important role in like several processes involving like brain development, liver function, DNA synthesis, healthy nervous system. So beef liver is one of the richest sources of colon. So colon's huge. Copper is a big one that can help act as an activate, a number of key enzymes to energy brain function, iron metabolism. So copper iron as well.

(6m 4s):

Beef liver is one of the best sources of iron in the world. A hundred grams of beef liver has about 60% of the recommended daily allowance for iron also vitamin K2. I mean, I could probably go on and on, but those are the big ones. And also beef liver can also help as almost like a workout supplement because if you're doing resistance training right after you do resistance training, you wanna do what's called mTOR stimulation and also get amino acid. And that's what beef liver can help you with. It can help stimulate mTOR, which helps with muscle protein synthesis and help intake help you get some amino acids.

(6m 45s):

So amino acids are essential building blocks for muscles and they stimulate mTOR, which is like the cellular master control for protein synthesis and growth. So that is so key. So if you're lifting beef, liver could be a good supplement to add in as well. Also too. I interviewed Dr. Don layman, if you talk to most protein experts, they're gonna talk about these essential amino acids. And one of them's that's most important is called loose. Now, where do we get loose? We can get it from way protein and some from meats, but beef liver, a hundred grams of beef. Liver has 2.7 grams of losing.

(7m 26s):

And you'd love to aim for about three grams of losing per meal. So I'm not saying you have to have liver at every meal, but it is a healthy source of highly digestible protein, which is giving you one of the most important amino acids for muscle growth and that's loose. So, so key, obviously if you're thinking to yourself, there's no way I'm gonna eat liver, that's fine. You can find other ways. I'll put some links for ancestral supplements. There's a lot of these freeze air, Dr. Freeze stride, healthy ways to get it in. Obviously eating. It is probably the best, but this is, you know, I, you can't really go wrong with all the nutrient density that liver can bring.

(8m 14s):

I wouldn't overdo it. I don't think you have to necessarily ha even have it every day. But if it, if it could just sort of add in the rotation of eating, I think you can go a long way with obviously everything I've listed and, and many tribes, if you look back like many tribes have been eating beef liver for years and years and years. And we all know that a lot of these tribes maintained health through, you know, throughout in life. And so I'm not gonna name all the tribes, but you know how to cook it. You can pan fry it, you know, you can mix it with ground beef. You know, they say you also should soak it in, in milk before cooking.

(8m 56s):

So there's a lot of different ways to, to cook it. I would give it a go. You know, my, my wife doesn't mind making it. I think it's pretty easy. Are there any risks to overdoing it? You know, you could, like I mentioned, overdo it and get, and you don't wanna get too much of what's called vitamin a, which I mentioned already. So, you know, definitely wanna keep an eye on that, but I think you have to have a lot of liver to really overdo it. So, and I'm sure that won't be an issue, but that's the one thing is you just wanna avoid vitamin a toxicity, but that's very highly unlikely. So I would just get a good quality grass, fed grass, finish liver, and I think it'd be good to go.

(9m 40s):

There's a beef liver chip that, that carnivore Aus makes I can put the link in for that. And I've been having that from time to time as well. So I don't mind the taste of that at all. So there you go. So the bottom line is I would definitely find a way to implement liver into your life. It's it contains eight essential nutrients, the ones I mentioned and a lot more, we could probably spend another hour talking about it, but it could help with mental clarity. It could help with your workout performance. Your skin could get clear. So why not have one of the, you know, one of the, the world's best, most nutrient dense foods on the planet and that's beef liver.

(10m 23s):

So hope this maybe influences you to, to look into it. Let me know if you have any questions. Email me, brian@briangreen.com. Enjoy the rest of your week. And I will talk to you on Friday. Thanks for listening to the get lean EAN podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine. And I appreciate that. Check out the show notes@briangrin.com for everything that was mentioned in this episode, feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member. That's looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again, and have a great day.

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