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episode #75

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

December 19, 2022 in Podcast


Your host, Christopher Dedeyan, talks with Health Coach, Brian Gryn. Brian's goal is to help others to transform their lives and become happier and healthier by finding what works for you and your needs. He is aiming to pay it forward by offering support, encouragement and education for those who are seeking positive change in their lives.

Christopher Dedeyan

Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Coach & Advocate for Learning Disabilities Christopher Dedeyan is a professional speaker and peak performance expert who helps entrepreneurs, leaders and employees alike manage stress, increase productivity and have more energy. He always gets his message across in a humoristic, charming, energetic and passionate way.

He developed his entrepreneurial skills and communication skills during the five years he built and ran his real estate brokerage company. During that time, Christopher noticed that he could help his colleagues with self-development by incorporating new rituals and habits in their lives that help them not only in their business but in their personal lives as well.

Diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of eight, he was faced with many failures along the way. Because of his relentless attitude of never giving up, the failures taught him how to succeed. He attributes a huge part of his success as an entrepreneur to the lessons he learned growing up in the schooling system as a dyslexic.

Christopher helps his coaching clients to become the best versions of themselves. He truly believes in self-development. He doesn’t only talk the talk but he walks the walk with himself having eight coaches and mentors for all facets and aspects of life. These advisors help him and keep him accountable to become the best version of himself so he can ultimately serve others.

Christopher has spoken in front of over thousands of people. In classrooms, universities, companies & professional associations as a keynote speaker. He has been featured in Le Devoir, Canal Vie’s “La Belle Gang” & has worked with the Ministry of Education of Quebec for their policy on educational success.


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