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Say Goodbye to Love Handles for Good

April 16, 2024 in Podcast


This week I discuss strategies for losing love handles, which are stubborn layers of fat around the hip area.

As we age, our testosterone levels decrease and our metabolism slows down, leading to weight gain in the midsection. However, with dedication and the right strategies, it is possible to shed unwanted weight and improve overall health.

In this episode, I provide tips on nutrition, including tracking macros and replacing unhealthy food cravings with healthier alternatives. I also emphasize the importance of eliminating snacking, lifting weights, engaging in moderate cardio, staying hydrated, getting quality sleep, reducing stress, and making consistent, sustainable lifestyle changes!

Brian (1s):

Hello and welcome to the GETLEAN and Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn. I'm a certified health coach, trainer and author, and this podcast is for middle aged men and women looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it once was 10 to 15 years ago. I will give you simple, actionable items to get long term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.

Brian (32s):

All, right Welcome to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn. I hope you had a great weekend and happy Tuesday. If you're listening to us on Tuesday, hopefully get a chance to listen to my interview with author and master certified life coach Molly Zeek. We touch on all about her weight loss journey of losing over 45 pounds and quitting alcohol. We also got into being aware of our body's hunger signals, the importance of replacing unhealthy food cravings with healthy alternatives, the practice of mindful eating and navigating healthy eating with three children. So if you haven't already, definitely check out my interview with Molly Zeek. And on today's micro podcast, we are gonna touch on a topic that is a very common question among middle aged males.

Brian (1m 19s):

And that's the guide to losing those love Handles, those stubborn layers of Fat over your hip area that accumulate over time. And part of the problem is As. we age, our testosterone typically go down, our metabolism could slow down and weight starts to gather around our midsection. But there is good news with some dedication and the right strategy, we can get you on the right track and help at least get you back to where you were maybe five, 10 years ago and shed some of that unwanted weight. Now, before I go into some of the tips, one of the things we wanna understand is that this visceral fat that could build up around your waist, well this is sitting around your organs and in the long term, can increase your chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Brian (2m 4s):

So it's important to understand that this is more than just aesthetics, that this store body fat can wreak havoc on your body, on your immune system and cause disease down the road. So either could be a combination of factors that causes this. One could be genetics, age, lifestyle habits, and hormonal changes that happen over time. So don't fret there's hope. We are gonna give you some targeted lifestyle changes that will help improve your overall health and hopefully eliminate some of those love handles that have built up over time. Now, first and foremost, nutrition is key. You can out exercise a bad diet.

Brian (2m 46s):

So I think it's important to track your macros and track and pay attention to your macronutrients, your calories, and at least get a baseline of where you're at or what you've been doing for the last however many years. Once you understand where you're at with, with that, then let's analyze and look. Okay, let's replace one of those bad habits with a good one. And I'll give you an example. Let's say something you splurge quite a bit on is french fries. Well, instead of having french fries, we are gonna replace that with, let's just say a baked potato or some boiled potatoes. Potatoes are one of those things that you can eat. It's a starch food, it's a bit higher in carbs, But, it creates satiety.

Brian (3m 27s):

Back in 1995, Susanna Holt from the University of Sydney Australia did a research experiment and she tested about 38 foods and boiled potatoes scored the highest when it came to the satiety index. So if you, if you do love french fries and you replace it with the baked potato or boiled potatoes, this can go a long way for your health After this. I would say eliminating snacking is something that you should work towards. We all have a tendency to do it if there's food around the house or in the office, you know, it's easy to just snack on a boredom and one of the things that this does, it just adds up over time and it's something that we don't even track.

Brian (4m 7s):

So I would just stick to three balanced meals and shoot for eliminating snacking. One of the things you could do to help is instead of reaching for that snack, maybe have a drink of water, maybe have a sip of tea or even coffee that could help sort of get you through that, that time period where you're trying to eliminate that snacking. Next is lifting weights. Nothing new there. Weight training obviously can increase your muscle mass, boost your resting metabolic rate, meaning you'll burn more calories while you're at rest. I would say starting out two, three days a week would be a great place to start. Total body workouts, especially if you're sort of in an untrained state, if you've been training for a while, perhaps you can mix your splits up to an upper lower split or push pull legs.

Brian (4m 54s):

But whatever it is, consistency is key. Too many people start lifting five, six days a week, they get burnt out and they don't go back. And one of those things I would focus on while you know you're doing total body, is if you build a strong shoulder base, it will make everything else down below. Look, especially your waist, look a little bit smaller. And if we work on lat training, you'll get that V taper of appearance as well. So those are just some bonus tips, but obviously we don't, we don't wanna take out any body parts. I would say Mo, most importantly would be legs and glutes. 'cause your glutes are your biggest muscle. So obviously we know that muscle tissue is metabolically active.

Brian (5m 35s):

We wanna make sure that we're lifting weights at least two to three times a week. Next moderate cardio. And it doesn't have to be anything grueling. One rule of thumb I would go by is Dr. Phil Matone came out with a, a formula to understand where you should be at when it comes to sort of getting into that maximum aerobic function and get you into that fat burning mode. And his formula is taking 180 less your age. And so what you'll wanna do is monitor your heart rate with a heart rate monitor to stay in that sweet spot. So let's say you're, let's say you're 45 years old and you subtract 180 from that, that's your maximum heart rate should be 1 35.

Brian (6m 18s):

So that means you'll wanna keep your heart rate at or below 135 feets per minute at all times. It's the simplest I have found, it's the simplest, most accurate way to optimize the function of your fat burning aerobic system. So it ultimately slows you down a bit. So you can go faster if you ha, if you wanna down the road, perhaps get into some sprints, but start with this moderate cardio. And this could be simply power walking. Let's see, as long as you're sort of staying in that range, 180 lesser age, I think that's a great place to start next. And I mentioned it briefly already, but drinking water, you know, dehydration is something that we wanna sort of combat.

Brian (6m 59s):

And when I say water, I would shoot for mineral water. If not, add some mineral drops in there. At least six to eight glasses of mineral water day to sort of flush out toxins. Keep your body functioning optimally, and also it'll help prevent overeating as well. One thing I feel strongly about is, especially if you have a tough time, staying accountable, is to hire a coach. Having a coach to hold you accountable obviously offers support when you need it. Motivation for those ups and downs that you're gonna have potentially have through your sort of fitness journey. And I just think investing in in a coach is important because you're not only investing in yourself, but you're also your health. And it'll help you stay accountable and consistent for the long haul.

Brian (7m 42s):

Some other lifestyle changes that do matter, quality, sleep, I won't go all into that, but at least aiming for seven to eight hours of rest per night. One of the things I like to do is consistently go to bed around the same time and then wake up around the same time, along with keeping a cool dark environment is really key as well. Also, reducing stress. Monitoring your stress is really important. We all are gonna have stressors in our life, but I think it's important to sort of engage in stress reducing activities. This could be meditation, yoga, or reading or even going for a walk outside can be a stress reducing activity as well. Or losing love handles isn't just aesthetic, it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and there's no shortcuts or overnight solutions.

Brian (8m 29s):

It's about making consistent sustainable changes to your lifestyle. So you wanna make sure that you're, whatever you're doing, you somewhat enjoy it and you stay consistent. Okay. To conclude the first step might be the hardest, but each step will take you closer to where you wanna be. Stay persistent, stay committed, and you'll reap the rewards of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. And best of all, you'll finally say Goodbye to those pesky love handles once and for all. I appreciate you listening. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. If you love the podcast, would love a review on iTunes, Spotify, or whatever listening advice you're, you're you're listening to. And have a great rest of the week. I will talk to you on Friday with another great interview.

Brian (9m 12s):

Thanks for listening to the GETLEAN e Clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other Podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine and I appreciate that. Check out the show notes@briangrin.com for everything that was mentioned In, this episode. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member that's looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again and have a great day.

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