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Product Spotlight: Bala Enzyme – Triple-enzyme electrolyte and anti-inflammatory sugar-free energy drink!

April 25, 2022 in Podcast


This week I interviewed the Founders of Bala Enzyme Drink, Dr. Farnoush Aftabi and Dr. Arash Aftabi!

This innovative product is designed to address multiple post-workout needs, like hydration, recovery, joint pain relief, and digestion support! We discuss the difference between drinking Bala and taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills like Ibuprofen and Tylenol (and the negative consequences those phramaceuticals can have on the body). We also dive into the plant based enzymes, electrolytes, and amino acid ingredients of Bala and how simple and convenient this electrolyte and triple enzyme powdered drink mix is (take it with you literally anywhere!).

Bala is offered in three different flavors; pineapple, lime, and berry. It is also a sugar-free and zero-carb beverage! If you like variety, try all 3 and let me know which one is your favorite.

0 (1s): Hello, and welcome to the get lean and eat clean podcast. My name is Brian grin. I'm a certified health coach, trainer and author. And this podcast is for middle-aged men and women looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it once was 10 to 15 years ago. I will give you simple, actionable items to get long-term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. All right, welcome to the get lean eat clean podcast. My name is Brian grin and I have the founders of Balla enzyme on the podcasts, Farnoosh and rash.

0 (43s): Welcome to the show.

2 (45s): Thank you for inviting us, Brian. Thank you very much. Thanks for the opportunity. Thank you for having us.

0 (49s): You're welcome. And I actually got to know both of them through Brad Kearns and a good friend of mine who also has a great podcast called the rad and learned about their, their drink. Balla is it just Balla or is it Balla enzyme?

2 (1m 7s): It's come. The Baila comes from a balance. It's a way to balance your life. First of all, about LANSA looks to have many names to pick the names and trademark it, and finally, a lot on balance, blah, blah. Coming from Dallas, it was, it was not easy to pick a name progress.

0 (1m 25s): Yeah. Yeah. And what, what made you, what would you want to start? This? It's a, it's actually a powder turning into a drink. I know, obviously I'm sure I have a buddy who's in the drink business and definitely an uphill battle. It's very competitive, but what, what, what made you want to get into this industry?

2 (1m 45s): Sure. I'm a, first of all, I'm a Arash Sabi. I'm a periodontist or a gum surgeon. I practice in Southern California for 20 years. I graduated from Boston university. I now research at Boston university doing my residency, working on a plant-based enzymes and helping our patients recovering from swelling and inflammation. They were suffering after oral surgery or dental procedures. Patients retired take taking pharmaceutical. They were getting away from taking pharmaceuticals and they were not happy taking narcotics because they had, you know, eviction problem and many issues, you know, you know, society.

2 (2m 25s): And then we were looking for all these alternative natural way for them to recover from inflammation and swelling. They were suffering from dental surgeries. And we were working on an enzyme called bromelain, coming from the core of a pineapple, many people when they cut the pineapple, it's sort of the correlate they think is not good, but that core is full of an enzyme called quorum and it's concentrated full of that enzyme. And that enzyme provides anti-inflammation. It helps you recover from sweaty inflammation, black and blue, any bruising. And we were using those enzymes and we realized that significantly people can decrease inflammation after any surgeries using the roaming and science coming from pineapple.

2 (3m 5s): After I graduated, I introduced those enzymes to my practice prescribing promising, and they don't the pain, which is an enzyme coming from a pet patient to recover from a black and blue and swelling and inflammation that we're having after dental extraction, implants and science sleep. And we realized that a lot of patients were reporting back to us that they feel a lot better, but their overall wellness was improving. The joints and muscles were feeling a lot better and will recover a lot faster after exercising, running, or jogging. And from the research, the book brought the enzymes to our clinic from the clinic, the patients, their motivation for us to bring it to market because they were just telling us if I feel a lot better with my body, my vitality is improved.

2 (3m 46s): I have more energy, less aches and pains. My arthritis symptoms are going away. So we decided to bring this plant based enzymes to the market because it provides a solution to many problems that people have, which is they have excellent pain, but they don't want to take a pharmaceutical. They don't want to take chemical. They want to naturally recover from the X and pain and swelling that they suffer. And they're looking for a natural weight and they don't want to go like all the time. The ibuprofen or this case CBD is very popular. These days. A lot of people don't want to take CBD either. My wife also is a dentist and a doctor of specialists of a endodontist. She can also tell her a story.

3 (4m 24s): I thank you for having us on your podcast. My name is and the donkeys graduated from undergrad, Harvard in Boston and Boston university and Tufts university. And I'm a specializing in good cannon. And I had actually an accident in 2018, which caught my career short and I could not practice anymore. I broke my shoulder on my heat, very severely. And I was like, no speed, severe onset of osteoporosis, which I get tweeted right now for which it has a lot of side effects, such as joint pain, muscle pain aches, and I can not tolerate any pharmaceutical drugs.

3 (5m 12s): So at the time when we were putting Bala together, Bala was a life changers for me because I can not take pharmaceutical. And I really did rely on Bala to have all my data, to be able to do all my daily activity. Actually, we taking up. So see, this is helping me a lot with really one to bring it out to market and have other people can enjoy it and get the benefit of followers. And plant-based anti-inflammatory so this is our Impala. I always live with it all day long. And it's an amazing product.

2 (5m 48s): Yeah. So we mostly are patient. And what happened to farm notions? You know, we had this backup in mind to bring for this formulation, we'll put together and using, but one span we felt, and that was just, you know, Bala was very life-changing for her and very, you know, she couldn't take pharmaceutical cause other side effects she was suffering from. So it was a motivation for us to really get this pan out there. We don't want to take this formulation to our grades. So we need to get this brown, our patients that you got to get this out of the, when you, you know, it feels a lot better taking these plant-based enzymes. And we hired a biochemist. We worked with him for two years, going over different batches of samples, trying to put a nice flavor on it and making sure there's a potency and efficacy of the formulation and the good taste and make sure people can, because no matter how many health benefits you provide, if it doesn't taste good, then people will not try it.

2 (6m 35s): So we were able to put a great flavor on the formulation using amino acid, instead of sugar, a lot of products we should give to get the ingredients, get resorbed to your lips in small intestine instead of sugar, we use it in specific immuno acid at specific those that acts like a sugar and make sure you get resumption of these enzymes to your small insistent, then not having all the side effects that sugar has because sugar has no health benefit and it just shocks your system. And it's the cheap ingredient. A lot of other products use sugar, but it does it, does you? No good. And it's in the case of a tumeric because our formulation does have to make her come in. You're not using a black pepper again. I mean, acid will make you resort to curcumin or tumeric, which is more efficient than using the black pepper.

2 (7m 18s): The three active ingredients are coming from, as I said to Marie curcumin, which is the active ingredient of tumeric. Second one is a Bowman. And coming from the core of the pineapple and the third one is complaint enzyme coming from the food papaya. So three food enzymes along with immuno acid and other collage, which provides hydration, provide something that is revolutionary and superior to what's out there currently on the market.

0 (7m 41s): Yeah, it's, it's, it's an interesting, thanks for sharing your story. And it's interesting regarding this drink because a lot of times people bring drinks to market and they don't use it in practice before they, they actually bring it to market. They just probably do some research and find out what, what would work best for individuals to try to, you know, solve a problem. And you guys were solving a problem. At least you a rush with your patients using the individual products or the individual ingredients first, is that correct? And then decided to put them synergistically together.

2 (8m 15s): Brian, I wanted to my vacation for over two years and monitoring, observing the Gingervitis, which is the inflammation of gum disease. And I've realized that there's a significant decrease in inflammation and gum disease, that they were suffering using the ingredients and voila ingredients. So from there, after collecting enough clinical data, we said, okay, we have enough proof. We've done our homework. Let's let's put a formulation is fine, tune it and let's get the brown out there and get into people's hands.

0 (8m 41s): Yeah. And what, I'm just curious, as far as the tumor in the bromelain and the, in my I'm saying it right in the pain, the pine, where do you source your products from

2 (8m 54s): That? There's 20 different ingredients in Abballa formulation. The sources are internationally globally like to America, you know, comes from India. The bromelain pineapple comes from Thailand. We don't have enough national sources in the us to do everything. So everything comes, you know, from all over the world that this has to be manufactured in us has been processed and all the raw materials that comes here, they have a certification of analysis. Make sure we'd make sure that, you know, they've done metal analysis and microbiological analysis is safe ingredient source of all, identify that, make sure it's been through in us. Everything has been screened. It comes here. We blend it here. The powder and powder is our check and screen and the blended, the core packet here and it's made and manufactured in USA.

0 (9m 37s): Excellent. And I have a, if you're watching on YouTube, I have it right here. There's three different flavors and I've tried them all. There were great. It's nice to come in these little packets that you can tear off easily tearing off. And I will say they do stain.

2 (9m 53s): Yeah. To make anything good in life. As he says, things, coffee, tea, juice, beet juice. That's the nature of our tumor, but it's a miracle ingredient. It does have a lot of health benefits and you just have to be careful with the tumeric. So it doesn't get on your clothes. The reason is in the powder because enzymes, when it's in the liquid for too long, it loses efficacy. So it cannot put it in a Burbidge shape or you can not have it in water sitting for hours and hours. So once the enzyme goes in the liquid, after two, three hours, it loses its efficacy. So you need to drink it within a two, three hours in order for you to get it fully at the benefit of health benefit that enzymes offer.

0 (10m 32s): And obviously, I mean, who would you say your target audience? What would you say your ideal customer is?

2 (10m 37s): Yeah, originally we were going after athletes and active people who are looking to best product out there for recover, you know, going after runners or cyclists, cyclists who are running and cycling, trying to recover faster so they can go back to the race. But we realized that there was a lot of people who are just regular people from all walks of life, but construction workers, her stylist, cashiers in supermarkets and nurses and men were using our product because they were on their feet all day long. And they were eating from eggs and pain from the feet and back and join and were reporting back to us that they feel a lot better taking balls. So we realize, you know, not only athletes are buying this party or connecting with us.

2 (11m 18s): And a lot of big, a lot of people from all walks of life, the benefit and resonate with this brand because they really have a lot of acts and things standing on their feet all day long. And there's not enough. There's not any alternative for them to take. And again, some people like my wife, they suffer from taking ibuprofen and Tylenol. Because if you do take ibuprofen Tylenol for too long, you will damage your organ. If you look at the bottle, it said that if you take time off for too long, it damages your kidney or liver or ibuprofen will damage your stomach. So you don't want to be on this pharmaceutical for too long. If you, if you take these for a long period of time, definitely have the consequences.

3 (11m 54s): So people with injury, without injury in doing exercise, not doing exercise, I believe everybody can benefit from

2 (12m 3s): Even a lot of parents come and talk, come to us and say, I want to give it to my kids because she doesn't, or he doesn't drink enough water. Then they need and we tell them, yeah, this is a great way to get your replenish. Your hydration has electrolytes. And also the plant based enzymes it's, you know, helps them, you know, get over exercising and all that. So we were looking at, in the beginning in 35 to 55 athletes, active people or active. And now we realize that there's a broader audience out there that will resonate with the brand and they can benefit from taking Bala.

0 (12m 35s): Yeah. And a lot of my customers or clients are golfers and they're just popping Advil every other day. So this would be a good alternative for them if they want to go the natural route.

2 (12m 50s): Definitely our first investor who is also golfer, he was, he was golfing and golfing. It looks easy, but a lot of golfers suffer from them, a lot of injuries and a lot of things and very technical sport. And it takes a toll on your body because it's very physical. A lot of them have shoulder problems, rotator cuff. They have a back problem. If you look at tiger woods, he's a mess. He has multiple surgeries is

0 (13m 10s): Just

2 (13m 12s): The procedure. So golfers, they take it, you know, it takes a toll on the body doing all the sewing, the movement. And our first immersive was a golfer. He took the brand, he fell in love with the brand, him and his wife and wife was a dancer, but he was like, you called us everyday. So they said, we believe in this family, we want to put the money behind them and partner with you on this journey. So that's what, you know, a lot of golfers resonated the spam because they do suffer from joint pain.

0 (13m 37s): Yeah. I mean, cause the average golfer is sitting all day and then they go and play and they expect to like, not be aching and have aches and pains after they play because you know, they think they can just they're Bulletproof. But as you get older, it's not, you know, it takes a toll, like you mentioned, it takes a toll on your body. So this would be a great alternative just to, to drink. And I'm curious to, I, and I love the fact that you have electric, you know, potassium, sodium. I think a lot of people lack that, especially just athletes from day-to-day from sweating and then you have a proprietary blend. Now I'm curious, the proprietary blend, is that an even amount of each ingredient that's in there or is that, you know, I've always been taught with proprietary blends.

0 (14m 20s): You know, when, when companies say that, obviously they could put whatever they sort of percentage the amount they want and it is it, you know, I see the bromelain and the tumeric is, or what is the percentage of all those? And then

2 (14m 32s): Yeah, it's a percentage that'd be put in. That's why we have a patting on patent on a formulation that you have to put a specific amount and specific dose. And also like a curcumin that we have is bar water solvable. Is this person, the water, if you put tumeric, doesn't completely dissolve because you know, tumeric by nature, doesn't dissolve in water on the security. So we use a specific to curcumin or turmeric that it was dissolved. So every ingredient is just specific to this formulation that has a potential efficacy. And if you do too much, it might have some side effects. If you do too little, they have no health benefit. So that's where the patent comes in there. Make sure we're protected. And it's just, it's scientifically been researched and there's extensive body of literature and research behind these ingredients is not something that you know, inside to put together.

2 (15m 17s): If you go back and Google any of these ingredients to see there's a huge amount of literature supporting the health benefits,

3 (15m 22s): Even for cash

2 (15m 23s): House, I've been forgotten how painful papaya been used for thousands of years in south America and Asia for God's health, for pain, pain, control, arthritis, pain. These are amazing plant based enzymes that people been using for thousands of years. But like tumeric is, I know it's relatively new in us market in a lot of people take pineapple, but they don't know how, how much benefit it has campaign coming from papaya. It's something really unique and people need to learn more about it.

0 (15m 52s): Excellent. Excellent. Well, is there anyone that shouldn't take your product?

2 (15m 57s): People, the majority of people can benefit from Bala. There's no issue, no side effects. If you take a blood thinner, heavy blood thinner for a long period of time, but if you had a Coumadin or heparin is strong blood thinner for a long period of time, you may want to consult with your physician before you take the enzyme because enzymes do make the blood thinner a little bit can cause blood thinning. So you don't want to double those on the blood thinning, but that's people who are have heart attack or stroke and heavy duty, a blood thinning medication. As I said, like heparin in committee, they need to consult with their physician, but overall it's very safe. And it just so that sodium, if you have high blood pressure, you want to watch your electrolytes because you don't want to put too much sodium in your body with any other electrolyte products.

2 (16m 42s): You want to make sure that your sodium levels, you have high blood pressure. Doesn't go too high because that's not helpful. Yeah.

3 (16m 47s): So when I come and only like for those people only three a day, you know, three package a day and then people pregnant women, we normally do not recommend because you know, since you have a baby or you, you breastfeed, we don't just want them to.

2 (17m 3s): Yeah, because enzymes can also sometimes help break the protein in the milk. So when the mommy's a breastfeeding baby infant, you don't want the protein to break down.

0 (17m 13s): I see. Okay. Well this was great. I, I, yeah, I love taking the product I in, in one bag goes a long way. Cause there's how many packets in each bag,

2 (17m 23s): Th they have a 10 count and 30 count on Amazon and our website, Bala enzyme.com. And if you want my website, I wrote a lot of blogs, scientific blogs. People are interested to learn more. They can put you a blog section. I'd love those blogs. They talk about the science behind the brand, the tech, the technology, or that, I mean acid transport and all the ingredients enzymes. So they can learn more if they want to know about the background of the brand. But again, you have a Instagram posts. It can follow us and get a ton of tune because we have a lot of formulation coming up around plant-based enzymes are coming up with immunity and you are the innovation that is only around plant based. Enzymes is not, there's no sugar or caffeine focusing on her health brain health that is coming from a plant based formulation.

2 (18m 8s): That's gonna be, you know, around that, helping the brain be more focused. So it's very unique working with biochemists and T-Mobile scientists to bring up new innovation around the plant based enzymes. That is nothing ConEd down the market like it.

0 (18m 24s): Excellent. Well there you have it. Balla enzyme.com. I'll definitely put a link in the show notes for, for individuals to go on there and read more about it and order it and give it a try. It's great. You can take it on the go or when you're traveling and I appreciate both of you coming on and sharing your knowledge regarding this product.

2 (18m 42s): Thank you, Brian, for that opportunity. Enjoy the podcast. Thank you again for meeting with us, coming to our story.

0 (18m 48s): Thank you.

2 (18m 50s): Appreciate it. Bye-bye

0 (18m 54s): Thanks for listening to the get lean eat clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine. And I appreciate that. Check out the show notes@briangrin.com for everything that was mentioned in this episode, feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member has looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again, and have a great day.

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