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Intro to Intermittent Fasting

October 24, 2022 in Podcast


Brian Gryn is an intermittent fasting expert, wellness coach, author, human movement specialist, and host of the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast (100K+ downloads).

He is leading the way in the Intermittent Fasting community as the author of The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal along with the creator of The Intermittent Fasting Certification Course. What began as a personal exploration into fasting has turned into a thriving business, helping middle-aged men make intermittent fasting simple, doable and a complete lifestyle change. Now he is spreading the power of intermittent fasting worldwide with Intermittent Fasting Certified Coaches.

With over 15 years experience in health and wellness, Brian also developed his Fat Burner Blueprint Program. This program focuses on nutrition, meal timing, stress management, sleeping like a superhero and micro-workouts. He believes that challenging the body and mind through brief hormetic stressors like fasting, cold/warm therapy, resistance training and sprinting will help you get your body back to what it once was!

Lisa Pitel-Killah

Lisa is a Practitioner of Functional Diagnostics, which bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine. She is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Practitioner and is part of a consortium of mineral experts, as well as the Co-Founder, of the HTMA Virtual Summit that hosts an annual event bringing education on mineral balancing to practitioners around the world. Lisa is a long-standing member of the Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals and consults with health practitioners around to the globe on the assessment, analysis, and implementation of HTMA in their health care practices.

She is a health, wellness and fitness advocate, who has travelled the world competing internationally and is a multi-time Kettlebell Sport World Champion. Lisa brings years of clinical experience as she and her team have supported clients from all over the world using a holistic approach to healing with mineral balance. As the founder of Vykon Supplements, she heads up all research and development with regards to new breakthroughs with mineral practices and protocols. Lisa is a faculty member at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she teaches a Continuing Education HTMA Practitioner Level Certificate course.


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