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Interview with Sara Banta: Immune Support with Scalar Silver, Accelerated Keto and Heavy Metal Detox

June 24, 2022 in Podcast


This week I interviewed health coach, podcast host of Accelerated Health Radio and natural supplement expert Sara Banta! We discussed her health journey along with her son's battle with cancer and how scalar technology can help you increase your frequency to help support, strengthen and boost your immune system! We also touched on: - Accelerated Keto Products - Detoxing from Heavy Metals - Avoiding Sugar Temptations with Salt and the importance of prioritizing sleep!

0 (1s): Coming up on the get lean, eat clean podcast. 1 (4s): So what I, what I tell my clients is that when you're going through detox, that the toxins are stuck in your fat cells in your body to get, stay away from your bloodstream as a survival mechanism. So a lot of unexplained weight gain, you know, like over the last two years, if people come to me and say, Sarah, I've done nothing different. I think all this weight what's going on. Well, the toxic load that people are being bombarded with is so much higher. So the body has to encapsulate those toxins and storm in their fat cells. Okay. 0 (41s): Hello and welcome to the, get clean, eat clean podcast. I'm Brian grin, and I'm here to give you actionable tips to get your body back to what it, once was five, 10, even 15 years ago, each week. I'll give you an in-depth interview with a health expert from around the world to cut through the fluff and get you long-term sustainable results. This week I interviewed health coach podcast, hosts of accelerated health radio, and natural supplement expert. Sarah Banta. We discussed her health journey along with her son's battle with cancer and how scalar technology can help increase your frequency to help support, strengthen and boost your immune system. 0 (1m 21s): We also touched on accelerated keto products, detoxing from heavy metals, avoiding sugar temptations with salt and the importance of prioritizing sleep. I really enjoyed my interview with Sarah tons of great tips around supplementation and lifestyle habits. Thanks so much for listening and enjoy the interview. All right, welcome to the get lean iClean podcast. My name is Brian grin and I have Sarah Banta on. Welcome to the show. 1 (1m 52s): Hi, Brian, how are you today? 0 (1m 55s): Doing great. And is a health coach and a podcast host herself of accelerated health radio, and also a natural supplement expert. So we'll get into some supplementation. And before we get into that, maybe explain to the audience a little bit of how you got into, you know, becoming a health coach. I know you went to I N, which is a place I went to back a while back. What sort of led you down this road? 1 (2m 23s): If you told me I would be podcasting and into health when I was my high school year old, very shy self, straight, a student, wanting to get into business. And, and I was in the stock market for a while after, after going to Stanford and then got married and, you know, my health just started going downhill. Couldn't really pinpoint it. Western medicine did not give me any answers. I was blessed to find a mentor who is a big part of my business now. And if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have my business and I wouldn't have my health, but we just started peeling the onion. 1 (3m 8s): And my, my, I was suffering from heavy metals from gut issues. Crohn's disease, PCLs hormonal issues. I was starting to get wrinkles, but still had the teenage acne. It wasn't fair. And you know, hair loss, a lot of things that women are suffering from even more now than before. And so we just started peeling my health, like an onion and taking care of things with natural supplements, dietary changes. And I knew, I always knew sugar was bad for me. I never really took to the high-fat diet. I was very scared of that because that's what us women were taught back in the nineties. 1 (3m 52s): And then fast forward mom of three, my eldest nine years old, he was not, he was a really good student and a really good little athlete, normal boy. And all of a sudden, he didn't want to go to swim lessons. He didn't want to go to school. He was, his grades were failing and I would go into his classroom cause I helped in, in the classrooms, of course. And I'd seen him just like leaning on his head, not being able to function at all. So we then dove into his health and came to find out he was on the road to leukemia. So with that, I knew that I had to stop what I was doing and save my child. 1 (4m 37s): I had no choice. And so when we got the, we saw his blood underneath the microscope and not only were there cancer cells everywhere, but there was actually a lot of nutritional deficiencies. The cells were really clumped up together. And if anyone has seen blood underneath the microscope, you want it nice and plump and dark. And these cells to be big balls that are separated. And we'll talk about, we can talk about that in a little bit, but the, the health of his body was declining significantly. So with that, I had been introduced to a supplement called that's now accelerated silver scaler, silver. 1 (5m 20s): It's not a regular silver and changed his diet a little bit that I really didn't know a lot about diet back then. I knew to cut out the sugar and cut out the processed foods as much as you can with a nine-year-old boy, but we put them on the silver and within a year I just saw my son come back. We got the blood test redone. And I laughed because the lady who does the blood test, she's extremely blunt. She's the one that's going to say, you're going to die just straight out. You're going to die. Well, when we went back to get a, another test, his blood was so beautiful. 1 (6m 3s): She goes, Sarah, this is the most beautiful blood I've ever seen of a child, no more cancer cells. The cells were nice and big and dark and, and black meaning they were nutritionally full. So the nutrients were getting absorbed by the cells. Finally, cause if the cells aren't healthy, then cells aren't even going to take in the good nutrients that you're ingesting. So with that, I knew I had something I knew I had to share my knowledge and I just started selling the silver outside my house. And that was it. And then I started learning more. And the more I learned, the more I realized I wanted to learn, I got into the, you know, we have the accelerated gold, which is in really helpful with anxiety and depression and increasing your IQ and helping with sleep. 1 (6m 57s): And we really then started getting into the power of scaler technology and how it can enhance the supplements. So there's a lot of frequency healing out there, a lot of frequency protocols. And on my website, people can learn about something called the genius insight app, which is, you know, an app right on your phone that literally scans your body. And over 10,000 items, it's based on the skill machine, which is the machine, the $30,000 machine that my practitioner used to diagnose me to diagnose my son and tells you what's out of harmony, what's going on in the body. 1 (7m 45s): Well, we've taken that technology and put specific frequencies in some of the supplements to enhance their efficacy. So I've said a lot. So I want to make sure you can ask some questions. 0 (8m 0s): Yeah. So when was your son healed? What year was this? 1 (8m 5s): So that would have been 10 years ago. So around 2012, he's 19. Now he was nine years old and he's my eldest. So I have two girls that were then seven and five at the time. And when I learned about the accelerated silver, the whole family started taking it since that day. Not one of my kids has missed a day of school and knowing antibiotics, it has been phenomenal. I can tell you with everything that's going on right now. The only reason that we know that we had COVID was because we had to be tested for either a plane flight or a, a function we had to go into, no one had symptoms. 1 (8m 48s): There was one night where I thought I had a pretty severe headache. I'm like, ah, and that was it. But it has been extremely successful in dealing with what's going on right now. And this is what it is. I mean, it just tastes like water looks like water. You just dump a little sip in your, in your mouth for a couple of times a day. And it just boosts the immune system and D vitalizes all foreign pathogens and viruses, bacteria, fungus parasites, and you can use it topically. So the, the beauty of it is that it's good for babies and elderly and people that are hard to get to take vitamins or supplements or even medication, and just boost the energy boost, the cell health boost, the nutritional absorption of, of the cells. 1 (9m 42s): So that it's much more available to, to receive any scaler information or just nutrients from your food and your supplements. 0 (9m 54s): Yeah. So this is called the accelerated scalar. Silver, is that correct? 1 (9m 59s): Yes. And then that back to my son, he's now in college, I'm in high school, not only was he not sick with cancer, he essentially broke a record in, at the national level and crew. So very athletic did very well in school. Got right back on track. My daughter, she never had cancer, but my goodness, you could not get that kid off the couch to ride her bike around the block. At the age of four, she had anemia and asthma and allergies just always suffered. And she is at the national level for rowing as a junior and being recruited by by schools. 1 (10m 39s): And then my youngest she's had the benefit of the older siblings, you know, going through crash course first. And so she's, she's been my healthiest kid. Of course, the youngest always is. And I'm really, I just am so grateful for my knowledge. And it also makes me realize how much more I want to learn. The more I know 0 (11m 4s): I didn't try. And who introduced you to this, these products? 1 (11m 8s): Well, so my, my mentor who I've been working with for gosh 15 plus years, has introduced me to, he's helped formulate a lot of the supplements and, and the accelerated brand. And we've worked together over the years and, you know, taking like the accelerated Quito. So we both love the fact of, you know, ketones and the magic of ketones, right? But we weren't happy with what was out on the market. We knew that we could do something different and something better. And so we took that supplement and added nine additional co-factors from aerobatic herbs or Chinese herbs to enhance the fat burning, stoke the fire of the digestion, turn the saturated fats into and saturated fats in the liver. 1 (12m 3s): So it's more usable. So with Brian, with your audience who really are into intermittent fasting, the accelerated Quito is that supplement the day. One says, oh my God, I can do this. Okay. Brian, tell me what to do. Am I going to fast for eight hours? Or am I going to fast for three days? Because it keeps you into ketosis within 30 minutes. But the steady energy and brain energy that you have for, for the whole day is amazing. It's steady. You don't, it's not jittery. It's not energy from the monster drink or from coffee. It increases that ATP production in the cells to increase the mitochondrial health, which is the powerhouse or, or the brain of the cells and responsible for, for producing that energy. 1 (12m 52s): So they accelerated Quito takes it to another level. And, and with like my accelerating iodine that, you know, iodine is a very controversial supplement. You know, people are sometimes think that you have to be careful with iodine. Well, most people need to be careful with iodine because of the other ingredients in the iodine supplement that are toxic to the body or the body has a hard time breaking down that iodine. And it also has typically only 10 to 20% absorption. Well, the accelerate iodine iodine has a hundred percent bioavailability. 1 (13m 32s): It is able to essentially it has no toxicity. It comes from a non-toxic non-radioactive source, which is very hard to find these days because of Chernobyl and Fukushima. But it actually has been shown to reverse the damage to the DNA done by the marinade, the graphene oxide and the spike proteins. So when people are wanting to reverse the damage from what's going on, that is a no-brainer and it's enhanced with the scale of frequencies to detox from that from heavy metals and from radiation. 0 (14m 9s): Yeah. So I'll definitely put a link in the show notes for your website, which is accelerated health products.com. And so this, this line of products has started from, from that first product you mentioned, which is the silver and w what, what makes that unique, that product unique? Cause that's like your flagship product, right? 1 (14m 30s): Yeah. So most, I mean, people can Google the benefits of colloidal silver. It's been known for thousands of years as a natural antibiotic antiviral antifungal. It was the go-to antibiotic before antibiotics were, were invented. And then when they were the government of course, wanted to push colloidal silver aside. Well, you also, a lot of people will say, well, why would I put a heavy metal in my body? I don't want to turn blue. They hear these rumors of the blue man that would be very difficult to do. You would have to take a lot of crude, silver to have your body turned blue as a side effect. 1 (15m 15s): And remember, I am one that was suffering from extreme, heavy, heavy, heavy metal toxicity from aluminum and mercury and all of the, the others, they were skyrocketing. And so I'm the last person that's going to put a heavy metal in my body. So what we've done with the silver and the gold is take the minimum amount of silver or gold in the product. And it's got distilled water that goes through a water implosion technology system. That is, I think there's only five of these systems in the world, let alone no system being applied to supplements like this, where it strips all of the rogue or bad frequencies from the water, because water holds frequencies, the water that you're drinking out of your Avion bottle or your sink or whatever it's got, not only maybe particles that you don't want in there, but it also is holding frequency. 1 (16m 13s): And you can actually program that water with frequencies that are healing. So for instance, say, Brian, you said, well, gosh, Sarah, I, I have Lyme disease. What, what do I do? Well, you could actually take a bottle of the accelerated silver and program it with frequencies to devitalized the Lyme bacteria. Now, am I doing that for specific clients? No. Cause that's too specific. But what we are doing is we're putting frequencies in the accelerated silver to boost the thymus health, to help devitalized all Corona viruses, to help with either other things as well. 1 (16m 59s): Like, and with the gold, we are enhancing it with frequencies to help relax the mind, relaxing, relaxing anxiety. So many people are suffering from anxiety and depression right now. And what they don't realize is that anxiety and depression are increasing their stress level, increasing their cortisol and reducing their immune system. So then they are going to get sick. Right. You know, and, and I know you talk about the health of intermittent fasting and how that boosts your immune system. It also can help with the stress levels cause eating processed foods and eating all day long is very stressful on the system and very inflammatory. 1 (17m 41s): And when that in inflammatory environment just provides a feeding ground for viruses and bacteria. So what we are doing is with the golden, the silver you've got the silver boosting, the immune system enhanced with frequencies to help with that Dimus health with the, with the D vitalizing of the specific foreign pathogens that we want to go after. But then you've got the accelerated gold that is helping reduce the anxiety, help with sleep, open your mind. And many people don't realize this, but they may read in the Bible that the three gifts to baby Jesus, one of them was gold. 1 (18m 23s): Well, it was actually liquid gold. It was the healing benefits of gold. It wasn't like gold coins. You know, people think, oh, it was just, they gave him money. No, what's a baby going to do with money. So that is one of those things. They gave him frankincense and myrrh. And those two things are extremely healing as well. But the gold is, has been known for thousands of years as well. And it's a spiritual element. It opens up the pineal gland just like iodine does. So I dine and gold are very important for your spiritual health for connecting your pineal gland to your body. And that's why people say, I don't know what's going on Sarah, but when I'm doing your cleanse, my brain is awake. 1 (19m 9s): And all of a sudden I'm getting rid of these toxic relationships in my life. And all of a sudden I want to go clean my closet. And all of a sudden I have all this energy and I'm forgetting to eat, right? Cause you're, you're burning the fat off your body. You get into that ketosis with the accelerated keto, but then you have these other supplements that are really enhancing the effects of intermittent fasting and ketosis and making it super easy to stick to a low carb diet and whatever that means. And, and when ketosis became a very trendy thing, and I don't know how you feel Brian now and how your, how your views may have changed. 1 (19m 55s): But back when I was first introduced to keto, I was still afraid of a high fat diet. And partly for a reason, it just never sat well with me. I don't think many people need to have a ton of dietary fat in their diet when they're eating keto, but more of a high protein diet, high, wild protein diet, where it's good quality protein, nutrient dense, but then filling in with the fat, you know, just not like dumping a ton of butter in their coffee and, you know, slabs of olive oil or butter and olive oil all over their food. 1 (20m 37s): Now my son who's 9% body fat needs to eat 6,000 calories a day just to keep going. He needs all the fatty can get cause it's, it's efficient, but most people don't especially women. And so that's one of those things that I've changed around. But, but what is, so what I've tried to do with these supplements is to make them work synergistically so that they're not just helping you lose weight, but they're helping you reverse age and increase that ATP production increase that mitochondrial health increase the brain activity in the brain energy. 1 (21m 19s): So you're doing life in so much, so much more joyful way, and I'm really, really getting the most out of it. 0 (21m 30s): And you know, you mentioned heavy metal, Texas city actually recently, I just got a hair mineral test and it was really interesting. I had a Barton Scott who, I don't know if you know his company upgraded formulas and they have a really cool where you test and have a consultant talk to you about your results. How did you know you were taught toxic or how did it all, did you know that you had heavy metal toxicity? 1 (21m 58s): I did a urine test. So what, what they do with that is that you, they collect urine over a 24 hour period. And what's so interesting. I'm glad you brought this up. A lot of people don't understand this is that. So I took the urine test and my levels were high. It was aluminum, mercury lead. That was the other one, but three were literally off the charts. And I live in a pathway and I live in my hometown from where I was growing up. And I'm literally still in the same pathway underneath airplanes. So the airplanes go up and all of the homes that I've lived in other than the four years I went to Stanford were in this jet way, it jet path. 1 (22m 42s): So the amount of lead and heavy metals that were dumping on me, let alone the GMO foods that I was eating and everything else going on with, you know, we didn't know what we were doing for the past 40 years. I now know. So those were at that level, but then I started doing the culation processing, getting the heavy metals out two weeks in, I do another test. My levels were even higher. So what I, what I tell my clients is that when you're going through detox, that the toxins are stuck in your fat cells, in your body to get, stay away from your bloodstream as a survival mechanism. 1 (23m 24s): So a lot of unexplained weight gain, you know, like over the last two years, if people come to me and say, Sarah, I've done nothing different. I think all this weight what's going on. Well, the toxic load that people are being bombarded with is so much higher. So the body has to encapsulate those toxins and storm in their fat cells. Okay. So when I'm doing a culation process and getting the heavy metals out of my body, what's happening is those heavy metals are coming out of the tissues and the fat cells into the bloodstream and trying to escape the body. So when I test for it, the test is showing that my levels are higher because more is in the bloodstream and that's a good sign, but then you obviously then the levels go down. 1 (24m 12s): So what's great about this is that since then, because how I got the heavy metals out of my body was a very expensive culation process where I had to go into a facility a couple of days a week. But now between the acceler dine who kicks that, which kicks out heavy metals, the bromide, the Florey fluoride, and the chlorine out of the thyroid. And out of all the tissues. Now, most women and men don't know this, but there are four times the amount of iodine receptors in breast tissue. So when you start kicking out those toxins and filling those receptor sites with iodine, you are, you are reducing your risk of cancer by 50%. 1 (24m 59s): So the accelerated dine is kicking those toxins out, but then I have a supplement called nuke no more. That works directly with the accelerate I'm. And this is a scalar frequency charged, or miss formula that supports the removal of all the harmful non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. And that includes the EMS from smart phones, smart meters, 5g, the zoom we're on our, you know, flying in the jet fuel that I'm under. And what I used to recommend is just one, go through one bottle of that. And then you can just do it again when you're going on a flight or doing some travel and keep yourselves nicely hydrated with the accelerating. 1 (25m 45s): But now with everything that we have been experiencing over the last two years, the recommended doses to do two bottles of it, and then to do it three times a week after that for maintenance, but between the acceler dying no more. And then the accelerated cellular detox powder that soaks up all the toxins so that your liver and your kidneys are not burdened with all those toxins. They're not meant to be burdened with our ancestors, did not have to deal with what we're dealing with. And so that detox powder soaks all that up and it takes it out through your intestines. Very gently. It's a daily detoxifier helps with Crohn's disease, IBS, IBD, and helps with any inflammation in the gut. 1 (26m 32s): And that's really important as well. But with those then you're, you're detoxing, but you're soaking it up. So you're, you're escaping any of the detox effects and the accelerated ancient salt, which I haven't mentioned is also scalar enhanced with frequencies to rehydrate the cells and you, a lot of people that are on keto and in intermittent fasting, they know the importance of salt, but everyone on the standard, American diet thinks salt, fat, and you need to be on a low salt diet. Well, the accelerated salt has 62 minerals in it, and it hydrates the cells. It can get you out of a detox crisis. 1 (27m 12s): If someone has a headache or they feel nauseous, or they actually are trying to suppress their appetite for, to intermittent fast, longer, you just feel a little of the salt on your tongue or in water. And it's magic. It will help someone get out of a diabetic crisis. If their blood sugars too high, it will help satisfy their sugar cravings. It will help suppress their appetite. It will help with any nausea because we get the nausea from our gallbladder and liver. If we're trying to detox and there's like a detox dump. So sometimes that will happen when you're intermittent fasting or trying to change your diet. 1 (27m 54s): The salt gets you out of that and really stabilizes the blood sugar helps with digesting fats as well. So some people who switched to the ketogenic diet, I don't know if you've experienced this with clients. We'll say Brian, I've tried the keto. I can't do it. The fat, the high-fat just doesn't work with me. And it's because their liver and gallbladder are gunked up and they can't break down those fats. Well, they accelerated ancient salt helps with that, that right down a fats as well. 0 (28m 25s): So that that's salt supplement that you mentioned, you just sprinkle that on your food and stuff. Just like a normal salt. 1 (28m 31s): Yeah, I actually, I don't, I carry it around in this little tin in my purse. Cause I won't use salted at a restaurant other than that, because it tastes so good. You really don't need a lot of CS mean if you're using that salt, I use it in on my food. I use it just on my tongue. If I, I need it to suppress an appetite or if I'm getting a headache, most headaches are low energy or from a lack of electrolytes, not a lack of food, as you know, and you can also use it in a detox bath. You can put like a tablespoon in a bath with really cheap, dead sea salt from Amazon, like a cup of it. 1 (29m 11s): And it will help detox your body through your skin, which is another awesome application. And I also tell people that a lot of their sugar cravings are actual salt cravings. So try supplementing the salt before you dive into the Oreo cookies and see what happens. 0 (29m 30s): Very true. I think a lot of people think they're hungry, but they're actually, you know, they have some dehydration going on and like you said, maybe lacking some electrolytes. And actually I got my test back regarding electrolytes and heavy metal and yeah, I was a little bit low in sodium and potassium. So a product like this is great. What would you say on you guys have a lot of different products probably formulated over the, over the past years? What would you say other than the supplementation? What type of lifestyle changes maybe did you make through the years for yourself and for your clients? 1 (30m 7s): I just have to point to this thing right here. And that's the ring. I mean it, because I 0 (30m 14s): Was always 1 (30m 16s): The, or the are ring, I mean, you know, type a personality, a go, go, go. I'm a mom of three, I'm a wife. I'm running my own business. I don't need sleep. I can just go, go, go and supplements and diet and exercise will keep me going right. Well, no. So I have, especially for women who have hit perimenopause and menopause, if they are not taking care of their sleep, you're going to run out of gas because your adrenals take over the production of your female hormones, cause your ovaries essentially die. So then you're going to experience adrenal burnout. If you don't take care of yourself. So I have really tapped into the power of sleep. 1 (31m 0s): I shut it down by a certain time. It doesn't matter what I still have to do. I make sure that I get at least at least seven hours of sleep. I really try to get eight hours of sleep at night. And with the help of the supplements, with the help of stabilizing, my bridge, blood sugar, also with the help of some of these stem cell patches that I have there, oh gosh, I usually wear them right here are energy enhancer ones. And then there's other ones that increased ATP. They help with the stem cells, but they have asleep patches as well. 1 (31m 40s): And ever since I've incorporated those patches, my sleep has been so consistent. I score in the nineties every single night. Doesn't matter how stressful my day is been. So that would be number one, number two exercise, but it doesn't have to be go gung ho every single day. It, I try to walk my dogs at least for 20 to 30 minutes a day to lower my cortisol and stress, get my vitamin D outside. I also try to focus on heavy strength training, especially as a woman, you know, muscle mass is really important as you're getting older. 1 (32m 21s): So I'm not chronic cardio. I think that was just beaten into us. And when we're younger and it doesn't do you any good? No men can get away, get away with it a lot better than women can. But so I really focus on that. I remember a couple years ago, this was COVID. I was doing strength, hot yoga classes, and I would go into these classes and there would be this group of women of five to six women that were coming straight from an orange theory class. And I don't know if you have an orange theory back in Chicago, but it's, it's hardcore Durance and strength rowing and cycling. 1 (33m 2s): So they were going from that to another hard workout, but they all had these, the tires around their stomach. You know, they, they could not get rid of this belly fat, well that's cortisol. The body's totally stressed out and it can't, it doesn't think it can survive and needs to hold on to that belly fat. If you're going to be working out that hard and you're burning up the adrenals. So I really learned my lesson. I used to work out chronic cardio and, and it didn't work. Didn't give me the results I wanted. And so those are the two things that I, I really they're a non-negotiable for me hugs. 1 (33m 48s): I would say dopamine hits from hugging your kids or hugging your dogs or hugging your spouse. That is a, that's an, that's a non-negotiable as well. And gosh, outside of that, I really, the other thing is as far as diet goes, high quality animal, wild protein, you know, P it's a misnomer that you're getting your vitamins from the, the vegetables and the fruits. I still eat vegetables and fruits, but I eat them because I enjoy them. Not from the nutrients, the nutrients in the bison, the lamb, the deer, the elk, the wild salmon, those high quality nutrient foods have so much more of the vitamin BS and zincs. 1 (34m 36s): And even the vitamins that you think you're getting from kale and blueberries, you're not. And then you're getting the plant poisons, like the oxalates and the sulfur vegetables and the lectins from the vegetables that may be doing you more harm than you then, you know, and you know, there's a reason that you feel bloated after having a plate of brussel sprouts or broccoli they're full of sulfur. And you might not be able to break down sulfur, but here you think you're eating a low carb, ketogenic, nutrient dense food, right? It's sulfur vegetables don't work for me. And so for vegetables don't work for my whole family. 1 (35m 17s): So I teach my clients how to eliminate some of the vegetables. Re-introduce them see if they work for their bodies after they healed their gut. Cause I also take them through a healing process of healing, their gut. And you can use that, that program on the phone that I, that I, that called the genius insight app to actually see what vegetables work for your body and what doesn't and what proteins work for your body. It's really interesting. Like this morning I scanned myself and for the protein, my body's like, I want, I want doc lamb or bison, but not really feeling the fish today. 1 (35m 57s): Like your bodies and it's changing, right? And then when you eat the wrong types of protein, like chicken or conventional beef, not, not grass fed grass finished beef, but conventional beef or chicken, you're getting these amyloid proteins that can't be broken down in the body and the brain. And then you have those amyloid plaques that are being deposited in the brain leading to Alzheimer's and dementia. So here you are thinking you're eating a low carb, ketogenic diet, tons of chicken, chicken, Caesar salad, no crew Taiwan's right. But that chicken is causing brain issues and inflammation in the brain and the body with the high level of omega six fatty acids versus the omega threes. 1 (36m 43s): So there's, there's a, there's a way to do keto, right? And a way to do Kita, wrong, to be incorporated with your intermittent fasting for the benefit of the body. And so that was the other thing that I've really taken away from away from the supplements is food matters. And it's not just what you're eating, but it's not, it's what you're not eating as well. 0 (37m 5s): Yeah. Lots of great tips there. So prioritize, sleep, focus on strength, training, avoid chronic cardio, prioritize protein, right? Quality animal proteins. And you know, if like you said, like you, there, there's certain people that are sensitive to vegetables and they, they ought to just something to keep an eye on. What, what about, what's your routine? If you talk about prioritizing sleep, what, what's your, what's your morning and evening routine around, around your sleep? 1 (37m 39s): So I, before going to bed, I really try to shut my phone off a little bit, but it's obviously hard to do. I have some team members for my company that are in Australia. So just as I'm finishing out my day, they're waking up. So that's hard to do, but I put my patches on and I've got the, so there's a couple patches I'll just talk about quickly. One is called the Algovita patch and it's made for skin to help with wrinkles and, and skin. But the other benefit is it calms the nervous system down and helps with sleep. And then the silent night patch helps with melatonin production and a natural way your body to produce its own melatonin. 1 (38m 21s): And I am not a fan of taking a melatonin supplement. It actually can reduce the size of testicles for all of you men out there. So I recommend not supplementing with melatonin, but this actually has your body produce its own. And then another patch is called the Aeon patch that flips you into parasympathetic mode out of sympathetic mode. So it really calms you down within 20 minutes of putting those on I'm out. I'm petting my dog in bed and I am, I'm going to sleep. I then when I wake up, I like to wake up before the rest of the house. I feed my dog and I go and I take my acceler dine first, cause it needs to be taken away from everything else. 1 (39m 8s): And I sit and I just kind of get my mind around. What's going to happen that day. I just envision my day, the way I want it to go and essentially manifested in things going smoothly. How am I gonna feel? How is how productive am I going to be? And I really envisioned that. And I really am cognizant of the thoughts that are going through my head. Then I'll turn my computer on for about 30 to 45 minutes. Just make sure I don't need to do anything. You know, putting out anything that's immediate. And then I put my shoes on and my workout clothes. 1 (39m 49s): And I'll either take the dogs for a short run before strength training or I'll hop on the rowing machine for 20 minutes to warm up my body, listen to podcasts. I listened to sermons. It's either about health. It's about a sermon or just someone that is extremely interesting to me. And I also then after my workout, I will touch in with my groups and my group coaching. My group coaching is free. I talk about in my coaching on a daily basis, what health issues people are asking about how to detox, how to address all the things that we've been talking about. 1 (40m 33s): And you know, so my workout is definitely short core cardio, definitely strength, training, a little bit of dog and getting my mindset. And that's, that's my time to really get my focus in and ready for the day. 0 (40m 53s): Excellent. Well, lots of great tips there before we finish shop where's, where's the best place for people to find. I know you have, you know, we'll put a link to the accelerated health products.com. Is there anywhere else that an individual should check out what you're doing? 1 (41m 9s): Well, you can look up Sarah Banta and you'll pretty much find me. My new website is coming within the month, which will be Sarah Banta health.com. And then within that, it will be, you'll find accelerated health products. So either way you'll find me and you can also find my podcast and Brian will be on my podcast in June, I'm accelerated health, radio, and TV, and it's on over a hundred different podcast platforms and, you know, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, Facebook, you name it, it's on their ne Roku. You can find it. 0 (41m 47s): Excellent, Sarah. Well, I appreciate you coming on and sharing your story and telling us, you know, your routines and, and, and everything based around your accelerated health products. So definitely check those out a lot, lots of great products. I've been checking them out that over the last few day. So I, I'll definitely interested in getting some of those, especially maybe that's the silver product. So yeah. So thank you again for coming on. 1 (42m 13s): Thanks Brian. Thanks for having me. 0 (42m 15s): You're welcome. Thanks for listening to the get lean clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine. And I appreciate that. Check out the show notes@briangrin.com for everything that was mentioned in this episode, feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member. That's looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again, and have a great day.

Sara Banta

This week I interviewed health coach, podcast host of Accelerated Health Radio and natural supplement expert Sara Banta! We discussed her health journey along with her son's battle with cancer and how scalar technology can help you increase your frequency to help support, strengthen and boost your immune system! We also touched on: - Accelerated Keto Products - Detoxing from Heavy Metals - Avoiding Sugar Temptations with Salt and the importance of prioritizing sleep!


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