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episode #130


April 19, 2024 in Podcast


Brian Gryn, a performance coach and health trainer, joins the heCast to discuss the challenges of making lifestyle changes and the importance of hiring a coach. He specializes in working with middle-aged men and emphasizes the difficulty of changing habits that have been ingrained for a long time.

Brian shares his own journey into the health and fitness industry and the impact it has had on his life. He highlights the mental patterns and self-sabotage that many men experience and the need to address these issues. Brian's six-month program focuses on creating small wins, improving sleep and stress management, and individualized nutrition and exercise plans. In this conversation, Brian Gryn discusses various topics related to fitness and exercise. He explains the impact of walking on testosterone levels and the effectiveness of machines in strength training. He also emphasizes the importance of changing up workout routines and tracking progress.

Additionally, he discusses the benefits of different rep ranges and exercise types, the controversy surrounding deadlifts, the importance of leg day, and the role of diet in fitness. He concludes by highlighting the significance of mindful eating and the potential benefits of cheat days.

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