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episode #211

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

November 2, 2022 in Podcast


Brian Gryn is a personal trainer who coaches middle aged men looking to get their body back. He is here today to talk about accountability and finding clarity about food choice and lifestyle. In our society people tend to not put themselves first, we fall back on old habits and make a lot of excuses for not living a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, he discusses that it sometimes takes a health scare to make lasting changes. He also mentions how important family support is with meal planning to make good lasting changes.

Brian Gryn is an intermittent fasting expert, wellness coach, author, human movement specialist, and host of the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast (100K+ downloads). He is leading the way in the Intermittent Fasting community as the author of The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal along with the creator of The Intermittent Fasting Certification Course. What began as a personal exploration into fasting has turned into a thriving business, helping middle-aged men make intermittent fasting simple, doable and a complete lifestyle change. Now he is spreading the power of intermittent fasting worldwide with Intermittent Fasting Certified Coaches. With over 15 years experience in health and wellness, Brian also developed his Fat Burner Blueprint Program. This program focuses on nutrition, meal timing, stress management, sleeping like a superhero and micro-workouts. He believes that challenging the body and mind through brief hormetic stressors like fasting, cold/warm therapy, resistance training and sprinting will help you get your body back to what it once was!

Dr Heather Hammerstedt

Dr. Heather S. Hammerstedt is an emergency medicine physician in Boise, Idaho and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Nampa.

She received her medical degree from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and has been in practice between 11-20 years.


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