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Healthy Habits for Men Over 40: Transform Your Life

June 10, 2024 in Podcast


In this episode of “Healthy Mind, Healthier Life”, the host welcomes Brian, a certified wellness coach, podcast host, author, and human movement specialist with almost 20 years of experience in the health industry. Brian specializes in helping men over 40 develop sustainable health habits to regain their strength, fitness, and body confidence.

The conversation begins with Brian sharing his journey in the health and wellness field. He emphasizes the importance of a holistic view of health, considering all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, including stress, activity, sleep, nutrition, and meal timings.

Brian discusses the unique health challenges that men over 40 face, such as muscle loss, decreased testosterone levels, increased body fat percentage, and reduced sleep quality. He recommends key habits such as strength training, daily walks, and maintaining a balanced diet to combat these issues.

Brian dispels common misconceptions about health and fitness for men over 40, such as the belief that they can’t get stronger or build muscle as they age. He also challenges the notion that restrictive diets are necessary for weight loss.

He shares success stories from his clients who have transformed their lives through his program. His approach involves weekly talks with his clients, during which they discuss their past habits and establish new ones. Brian emphasizes the importance of accountability in this process.

The episode concludes with Brian discussing the resources and support systems he offers to help men on their health journey. He underscores the importance of weekly discussions and the establishment of new, healthier habits.

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