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episode #8

Guest Appearance #6 – 2 Docs with 2 Cents Podcast – Intermittent Fasting With Brian Gryn.

April 8, 2021 in Podcast


Leon and Carrie interview Brian Gryn, a nutritionist/health coach, about intermittent fasting. Brian describes what intermittent fasting is, how to do it, and who it is appropriate for. He also compares this diet to others.

Brian Gryn

The 2 Docs with 2 Cents Podcast hosted by Leon and Carrie Knight will bring you informative insight on health and fitness topics from a clinician’s perspective. Leon and Carrie Knight will interview top health care professionals, such as, medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and more to explore topics from various angles. The topics range from current healthcare status and its impact on patient care to bridging the gap amongst other healthcare professionals.


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