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Get Lean Eat Clean

October 24, 2022 in Podcast


Brian Gryn is an intermittent fasting expert, wellness coach, author, human movement specialist, and host of the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast.

With over 15 years experience in health and wellness, Brian also developed his Fat Burner Blueprint Program. This program focuses on nutrition, meal timing, stress management, sleeping like a superhero and micro-workouts. He believes that challenging the body and mind through brief hormetic stressors like fasting, cold/warm therapy, resistance training and sprinting will help you get your body back to what it once was!

Naeem Mahmood

Naeem is the founder of Mood Ventures, a peak performance lifestyle brand focused on total human optimization for growth-oriented entrepreneurs. He advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, and entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement, and sales mastery.

Over the past 9 years Naeem has delivered over 2,000 talks and trainings impacting over 100,000 peoples' lives. Naeem graduated with honors from NYU and played on the basketball team. His career trajectory went from Wall Street, to Silicon Valley, to being one of Tony Robbins top national speakers. His greatest passion is to inspire and help human beings achieve their fullest potential and dreams.


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