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How to Crush the Mornings to Dominate the Day!

April 8, 2021 in Podcast


Having a killer morning routine will change your life in terms of health, productivity and setting you up for success in any endeavor you take on in life. I wanted to give you an actionable game plan for your morning routine because I truly believe this is the reason most people succeed in life. If you make your morning your top priority it will be your stepping stone to living a fulfilled, meaningful life. Yes, I put that much weight on taking advantage of those first few hours. I equate it to how important first impressions are for a job interview. If you don’t have a positive first impression then it really doesn’t matter what you do next. Same thing for the mornings. If you screw up the mornings then it’s very tough for the rest of the day to be at it’s best. Whether you have a morning routine or not hopefully you can find some of these tips helpful and add them to the start of your day. Trust me – let’s ditch the coffee and crush the mornings to be elite in life! * Wake up earlier! At least half an hour earlier than you normally do! You will find how peaceful it is to not rush and have time for yourself. * During the morning routine, leave the phone behind. Don’t get up and look at your phone. Let natural light wake you up or if it is still dark turn on a himalayan lamp to start your day. * Go for a walk in nature. With or without a dog. * Go through a 10-15 minute routine to get your body moving after the walk. Typically hips and spinal movements. Perhaps a short yoga session. * Lay in quiet – You could do a guided meditation or just lay and focus on your breath. Surrender and if you have thoughts let them come and go. * Do something creative. Pick a hobby to take up and just dedicate 10 minutes a day to doing it. (piano, painting or read) * Write down 3 things you are grateful for! * Take a cold shower! So take your normal shower and then in the last 15 seconds put it on cold. You are ready to start the day!

0 (1s): Hello and welcome to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn I'm a certified health coach or trainer and author in this podcast is for a middle-aged men and women are looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it wants. Was it 10 to 15 years ago? I will give you simple, actionable items to get long-term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. Hello and welcome to the guest 1 (33s): Lean Eat Clean Podcast. My name is Brian Gryn and today I'm going to talk to you about how to crush the morning and you know, there's a lot of stuff out there regarding having a solid morning routine. I think it's crucially important, and I think you can change your life in terms of health productivity, and setting you up for success in any endeavor you take on in life. So I want to give you actionable tips to help you have a solid morning routine, because I truly do believe that this is why most people succeed. If you make your morning, your top priority. It will be your stepping stone to living a fulfilled meaningful life. So yes, I do put a lot of weight on it to, to it, and I almost equate it to like a first impression in an interview, right? 1 (1m 18s): If you get off on a wrong note on a first of all, you know, in that first impression, its pretty much gonna go downhill from there for the most part. So Same thing for the mornings. You don't want to screw up your Mornings obviously life happens, things get in the way, but if you can do your best to have a solid routine is going to be the best it's going to make the rest of the, your day a success. So I'm going to give you some tips. Hopefully you have a routine already. If you don't start implementing these tips, I think it'll really help. And if you do have one, maybe he'll take one or two that I'm going to mention and you'll add it into your routine. So first and foremost, wake up earlier. Now I know this might be tough for a lot of people. 1 (2m 1s): I tend to get up early as it is, but I always notice the days that even if it's not on purpose, maybe my dog wakes me up or whatever it is and I'm up earlier than I normally get up. It just opens the day up so much more. And I I'm talking like maybe even just the half hour earlier than I would say a half hour to an hour earlier and you'll find just how peaceful it can be in that morning, not to rush before work or whatever you have to do. And then you got time for yourself, which a lot of times we don't give ourselves time for ourselves in the morning or throughout the day. So this is a perfect time to do it. So that's my first step is my first tip. Get up earlier. Number two, you know, During the morning routine, leave the phone behind. 1 (2m 44s): I think that we, we get programmed to just pick up our phones, check our emails and just get started. And I think if you can advise not doing that, I actually put my phone and none of the room and I won't look at it for at least an hour and to my, my morning routine. So don't let your phone wake you up, get up. If you can go for a walk, which is my next tip and Let nature, wake you up. You know, I try to, when I take my dogs out, it will be Write when the sun's coming up. Right. You know? Right. When it, you know, lets just say around six 30 ish and its a great way to start the day with some natural light, not the blue light from your phones next, you know, go through a 10 to 15 minute movement routine. 1 (3m 28s): Now, if you have questions about this, let me know, but this could be anything from just like a light yoga routine. I know if, if you are running short on time literary, it could be five, 10, 15 minutes of just, you know, going through a short yoga routine just to get the body moving. I mean think about it. You've been laying down for eight hours and you know, I don't know how you feel, but I'm 40 and I can feel my body every once in a while getting up. So Having a little bit of movement with some breaths is a great tip and a great way to start the day. Is it also Lay is laying in quiet, you know, meditation, you'll hear this a lot. I know a lot of people have trouble with meditation. 1 (4m 9s): This is something that I wish I was actually better at it, but it just takes time to get better at this. So just laying in silence, if you can do that and then it helps if you get up before and what else is up right. And your household, if you have kids or anything else. So, you know, you could do your movement routine five, 10, 15 minutes, and just lay in silence. You're going to have thoughts, let them come and go and just focus on your breath. It's not easy to do, but it's just a great way to sort of a start the day and sort of put yourself in line with everything that you're feeling, but you know, sort of just Surrender their, your thoughts, let them come and go. And don't put any label on them next, if you have some time and again, this does this morning routine does not have to be that long. 1 (4m 56s): If you know, 30 minutes to an hour, if you can pull that off, that's why you got to get up earlier. Is Do something creative to pick up a hobby. You know, this could be just reading if you don't want it, you know, reading it as a hobby. Obviously I, I actually tend to play piano. This has been not been getting lessons for the last, at least five, six, seven years. And so I'll just do that 10, 15 minutes a day. And usually I try to do that in the mornings a part of my morning routine. And that will wake your brain up a little bit, whether it's piano, painting, reading, whatever it is next, this one I actually going to start doing more because I have a journal that I just got as far as writing things that I'm grateful for. And I would say write three things down that you're grateful for. 1 (5m 39s): You know, I just think life goes by, right? It goes by fast and we're all grateful for having a lot of different things in our lives. So I think it's an appropriate to just write that down and just feel that out in the beginning of your day, what a great way to start the day in a positive mindset of things that you're grateful for. Lastly, if you do take morning showers, I recommended a little bit of a cold exposure and you don't have to take her a whole shower and then a cold shower. But I would say at least the last 15 seconds, just put it on cold and just breathe. There's a lot of theory and there's a lot of research behind cold exposure. I won't go into that, but just give it a go. 1 (6m 20s): It's going to take a little while to get used to, but I would say that's the easiest and best way. I mean, you could do a little bit of a cold plunge, but that takes more time. So last 15, 20 seconds, put it on cold. It's a great way to wake you up. Also a mood enhancer and what a better way to start the day. So those are my, those are my top tips to start in a day. I'll go through it one more time, really quick, wake up earlier. Okay. And then from there during your morning to leave your phone behind, get up with some natural light, which would be going for a walk would be great. Or even if you just walk out for a bit, it doesn't have to be a long walk with or without a dog next, do some type of movement, 10 to 15 minute routine. 1 (7m 3s): If you need help. There's tons of videos of yoga, short yoga sessions that you could do just to get the body moving. Let next is just laying in quiet a little bit of meditation. Okay. After that, I would say do something creative. If you can maybe read, you know, like I mentioned piano for me Write and then next Write down three things you are grateful for just in a journal. What a great way to start with that. And then lastly, you know, if you're going to shower in the morning, take your normal shower in the last 15, 20 seconds, let's put some cold exposure on and that'll wake you up and get to get your mood going up and start the Day on a great foot. So there you go. 1 (7m 44s): That's my routine to Crush the morning. Take what you want from it and implement that into your life. Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to comment below. I love to hear your morning routine. If you do have one day and thanks so much and enjoy your day. 0 (8m 2s): Thanks for listening to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine. And I appreciate that. Check out the show notes at Brian Gryn dot com for everything that was mentioned in this episode, feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member has looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again, and have a great day.

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