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Interview with Elle Russ: Fix your Thyroid and Lower Inflammation with Paleo Eating

April 8, 2021 in Podcast


Elle Russ is a bestselling author, TV/Film writer, public speaker, and seasoned coach. She is the author of Confident As Fu*k and The Paleo Thyroid Solution – a book which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. She is also the screenwriter of the award winning documentary Headhunt Revisited. Elle is also the host of two shows: Mark Sisson’s popular Primal Blueprint Podcast (over 18 million downloads) & co-host of the Kick Ass Life Podcast. In this interview we discuss the following topics: How Elle suffered with hypothyroidism overcame it and now coaches others to become healthy Symptoms of Hypothyroidism What foods could trigger Hypothyroidism How to lower inflammation with food Paleo primal protocol for Hashimotos Should you eat nuts, gluten or nightshade veggies? Elles daily eating routine Fat Burner vs. Sugar Burner Advantages of intuitive eating Takeaways from her book – Confident as F*ck and her one tip to get your body back to what it once was! Links: Elle Russ – https://www.elleruss.com/ Primal Blueprint Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/primal-blueprint-podcast/id789935889 Kick Ass Life Podcast – http://kickasslifepodcast.com/

0 (1s): Coming up on the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast 1 (4s): If you're out there and you have an autoimmune disorder and you're feeling good, cause you're on a medication or a thyroid hormone or something like that, you still do not want these antibodies in the background. They are a silent killer or the higher, the antibodies antibodies equal Inflammation equal, beginning more auto-immune issues. You have a higher percentage of chance with certain Hashimotos levels of having giving birth to a, a child with autism spectrum. 0 (27s): Hello and welcome to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. I'm Brian Gryn. And I'm here to give you actionable tips to get your body back to what it wants. It was five, 10, even 15 years ago. Each week. I'll give you an in-depth interview with a health expert from around the world to cut through the fluff and get you to the long-term sustainable results. This week I interviewed Elle Russ is a bestselling author TV Film writer, public speaker, and a seasoned coach. She was also the author of two books, one Confident as F UC K and The Paleo Thyroid Solution book, which has helped thousands of people all around the world reclaim their health. She's also the host of two podcasts. 0 (1m 7s): One Mark Sisson is popular podcasts Primal Blueprint Podcast and the cohost of Kick Ass Life Podcast. So in this interview, we talk about many different items Symptoms of Hypothyroidism foods that could trigger it. How to lower inflammation with food, the whole Paleo Primal protocol. Also go into her Eating her daily eating routine, along with what is a Fat Burner vs Sugar Burner. So there's a lot of great information here that you can take and put into action. And I really hope you enjoy this episode. She has a ton of energy and I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot and enjoy. Alright. Welcome to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn and my guest today is Al Russ She is an author of a couple of books. 0 (1m 53s): We'll talk about them today, paleo thyroid solution, and Confident as fuck. I think I'm allowed to say that she is also a mindset coach, a and also a podcast host of herself Primal blueprint and the Kick Ass Life. So we are going to touch up on a bunch of that today and a welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. Thanks for coming on. Well, 1 (2m 20s): And the audience that the prior we discovered that we both went to the same college for two years and then build on that same coach, which was really funny. We rarely get on your mind, 0 (2m 30s): Right? You don't meet too many people who went to Butler university and we both did just different years or so, and now you're 1 (2m 38s): On the way we only survived. So 0 (2m 41s): Two years then we were out. I had a couple of friends who did the same thing and now you're in California, right? Yeah. Sunny, California. Very nice. What part? And lived in the mountains above Malibu. Oh, okay. Very nice. 1 (2m 59s): It's like a new street lights. A lot of horses. Mountain roads. Yeah. Just been in the boonies. 0 (3m 5s): Yeah. Well that's I ain't nothing wrong with that. No, I love it. Nothing wrong with that. Well, why don't you tell me about your path? I know a little bit of your background just because you were in Chicago for a few years. Right. And how you came from being where you doing a comedy and then getting into like health and that route. 1 (3m 29s): Well, after college, I wanted to be an attorney. Now, if I could look back, my dream is a kid. Was that like to be an actor performer or some type of thing, but I always thought and so unrealistic, right? What a pipe dream, let me go for the thing. That's going to make me money. I'll go be a lawyer. I know that'll be safe. And I know the trajectory to a partner and all that stuff. So as I was applying to law school out of college, I got to sorta dumb salary paying job as an assistant at a company. And I figured out I'll work here until I get accepted. And then I'll go to law school. Well, I ended up working for a, one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the Bay area at the time during the huge tech boom before Y2K. And they, I just kept getting promoted. 1 (4m 12s): Like next thing you know, I'm 22. I have my own office. I'm wearing Armani suits and I'm managing a, a a hundred, you know, mostly men throughout the state of California working for fortune 500 companies on major tech projects. I'm going to say major tech projects. I mean like the whole entire utility company of California switching like 40,000 workstations from Ms. Dos to windows and T and this whole thing back then. So all these really big projects. And, you know, I, I realized I started to make a lot of really great money and I was like, Oh, I'm not going to law school now. And making already what a starting lawyer would make a, make it more money than anyone I've ever known and gone to school with. It has graduated. Like I'm the most successful person out of any of my peers at the age of 22. 1 (4m 52s): What I'm going to stick here, I'll be retired by the time I'm 35, like this fucking great. And then, and then my arms got disabled. I literally, my hand stopped working and I am rated at a 40% disability by the state of California. I talk all about this in my second book. Confident as F you see K because, you know, shame, disables confidence, but it's a, it's a major story in my life. So basically at that moment, I'm 23. Now I am about to start my career, but it's just ended. My whole life has kind of just ended. And you can't really find a job where you don't have to use your hands repetitively for eight hours a day. I'd love anybody to send me a recommendation on what they think, but you can't work the cash register and you can't be a bartender. 1 (5m 35s): A, you know what I mean? Other than a greeter at Walmart eye, you really can't do much other than using your voice. So at that time I thought I got nothing here. I have to now use my voice. Ironically enough, it led me down the path of my initial dream that I thought was ridiculous, which was being a performer being in that industry. So I just started to be like, okay. So I went back to Chicago for a couple of years. I did the second city, which is a famous comedy where most of the writers and performers from SNL come from. And then I came back out to California and just hit the pavement with, you know, joining the screen, actors Guild, auditioning for roles. I've been on TV a few times. And so I pursued that path. And along the way in doing sketch comedy, I was writing all the time, except they were like four page, a little sketches, you know, like you see on Saturday night live. 1 (6m 18s): And I said to her friend, one day, I said, Hey, you know what, why don't have you ever written a screenplay? Like maybe we should figure this out. We're we're writing all of this stuff. It's just a little mini stories and let's blow it up. So I got together with one of my comedy buddies. We ended up sitting there for a week and just figure it out, wrote a screenplay. And then I wrote another one. And then someone asked me to write a documentary. And now that's a, you know, an award-winning documentary. And then I met Mark Sisson throughout all of this. And meanwhile, I'm suffering through Hypothyroidism and I'm, I don't know what to do. And long story short is that I became an expert in it because I fixed myself. So I fixed myself twice in 10 years. The first time I fixed myself and I went about my business. I didn't know anything about paleo Primal health or anything like that. 1 (6m 59s): And then I had a second bout of Hypothyroidism, which is even more serious only because me even more doctors are uninformed about it, called the reverse, T3 a situation. So I was stuck twice in 10 years to be my own doctor to figure it out. I went to over two dozen endocrinologists and doctors in LA. Nobody helped me. They all hurt me. They misdiagnosed me. They took the wrong test and I realized, Oh my God, this is unbelievable that I'm in Los Angeles and I'm on my own. I'm on my own here. So I literally had to order my own Thyroid medication. I dosed myself back to health. I used fellow patients online and free forms to sort of help guide me a little bit. And I became an expert because I had no choice, but to, or I literally would have died. 1 (7m 43s): So I'm sorry, what, what year was this? This was when I, when I got like diagnosed, I was really suffering with, this was about 16 years ago when I first started to really suffering. I had my last bout that I fixed in about 2012 that I finally fixed. So I fixed my second bout. And meanwhile, I fixed my second bout, but I still can't lose the weight. My thyroid's fine. The numbers are good. And I still can't lose all this weight. I gained, I start working from a Marxist and I had no idea who he was for those of you that don't know he's a New York times bestselling author. And basically like the grandfather is sort of, of the Paleo movement other than Loren Cordain. 1 (8m 23s): And I started working for him. I never read his book. And next thing you know, I'm looking at Mark and his wife and I'm like, shit, man, these guys are like 20 years older than me. They look way better than me like, well, this is, this is messed up. So I'm like, Oh, maybe I should, maybe we should read this book. You know? And so then finally I was like, Oh, ding, ding, ding. And these light bulbs went off and I went Paleo Primal I started going down that path and all the light bulbs went off with all of the connections with Thyroid because before that people would be like, Oh, you know, so much you should write a book. And I'm like, well, I already read the best selling Thyroid out there. I don't know if there is much more, I have to add to this until literally that light bulb went off and I approached Mark and I said, Hey, I've found this connection. It's not a gimmick. 1 (9m 3s): It's a done. And he was like, this is amazing. I've wanted to publish a Thyroid book. And so, boom, boom. And it's been a best seller ever since at some point I'll probably come up with a second edition, but the paleo thyroid solution has helped thousands of people around the world. And so, you know, it's one of those things where your test becomes your testimony. I had never, ever, ever intended on writing a non-fiction health book, but at the same time as a writer in general, you know, I was compelled too. And that's the thing I'd say for anyone who even wants to be a writer or anything it's like, are you compelled to write? Because a lot of people have this idea in their head of like, Oh, I'm a writer. That sounds like a really cool it's like, yeah, but are you compelled to? Because I, you know, and so that was the thing I was like, I have to, I have it just flew out of me. 1 (9m 43s): You know what I mean? It was the, that that process of writing that book was just years of information and biohacking. So when I was for suffering, there weren't any, Podcast no one knew what the word Paleo Primal meant for 16 years ago. So I had no resources really to let people do. Now people could, you know, go online and listen to 10 interviews of me and really understand the Thyroid and kind of figure it out. You know what I mean? I mean, I didn't have anybody. So a fellow patients saved my life actually. And two other fellow Thyroid authors, there's only two other Thyroid books. I do recommend other than mine, one is called stop. The thyroid madness by Janie, both oral. And the other is called recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson. 1 (10m 25s): He's written a couple of books. So those fellow patients actually helped me save my own life. Yeah. 0 (10m 32s): That's quite the story. And yeah, it was as far as being an author and writing something like that, it was, you know, you had the blueprint and you know, obviously you wanted the shirt with it. It's just a great way to share it with everyone else. What would you say? I know you went through a couple of bouts of Hypothyroidism rhythm. Say that tend to, Yeah. What are some of the symptoms? Like, how would someone know? What are the common symptoms? How would someone know that they're actually, they might be a having this? 1 (11m 4s): Sure. Well, I have like 40 of them listed in my book. I had over like 30 of them. I'll name some of the top ones. These go for Wells. Here's the thing it's disproportionately a women's issue. Okay. So there's more women that guys that have it, but that means like a lot of guys will be discounted for it. So let me to just talk about guise for a second. Guys. We'll have issues with like low DHE, a disrupted sleep, low testosterone. So recovery from exercise issues with possible erections, things like that when they shouldn't. And if you're a guy out there, you, you should be waking up to the direction of all the time. You know, that's a, that's a problem. If your not. So that's how it will manifest there in terms of the sexual kind of stuff with guys. But it also will just be like exhaustion, brain fog, inability to lose weight, cold body temperature. 1 (11m 48s): These are universal for women. It will manifest itself. Gynecologicly in terms of either infertility or miscarriages or like misdiagnosis is with polycystic ovarian syndrome or Sisson or anything. Gynecologicly, that's fucked up. Like whether it's like, you're getting your period too much. You're not getting it now with heavy bleeding, all of the yuckiness that any woman would experience, that is usually how it will manifest itself. Aside from hair falling out, dry cracked skin, heavy legs. Meaning when you walk up a flight of steps, you're like, Holy shit. I feel like I'm dragging cement box inner itching of the ears, which could be related to candida. A S thickening of the skin is something that happens called my ex edema. Or it feels like when you, you bend your leg, you feel like you just drank 10 bottles of the MSG or something. 1 (12m 32s): It's just disgusting and waking up every morning with like a puffy face in control, uncontrollably, gaining weight, the ability to lose it. And then when you're in this state, it's a disease state that thyroid is the master gland. So you're going to get a whole shit load of other symptoms that then doctors will try to patch look because they never found the real problem. So you might become insulin resistant. You might have issues with your lipid panel, you know, and then the get go, you need to stand. You're like, no, no, no. I need to correct. The Thyroid same goes for any of the hormonal stuff with all your hormones, Rob your hormones, all of it. Let's pack it up and get you all the hormones. No, no, no. The thyroid is the master gland and the production and regulation of all your sex hormones. So you always start with the Thyroid and fix that first. And then the cascade of things is usually will come into balance. 1 (13m 13s): You know, so for example, at a 25 year old, that came to me with a guy he had low testosterone and the doctors made a big mistake of not checking his thyroid and putting them on testosterone. No, 25 year old should be on testosterone, unless there's some serious medical, pituitary tumor, you know, something like that. So it was a siren. It, it was totally screwed up. Once you fix the thyroid, the testosterone levels will go up, back up to normal. So you never want to introduce that kind of stuff, unless you have ruled out this main thing, which most doctors don't same goes for I'm depressed. You could be very depressed because we have more receptors for the biologically active thyroid hormone in her brain. So you'll have a messy, another symptom, a messy handwriting, Hey, your brain to a hand dexterity, a tripping over everything like knocking over stuff from being in coordinated, what normally your coordinator or, you know, mental stuff, not being able to read, write, comprehend, being sensitive to light sound and smells. 1 (14m 3s): That's usually an adrenal thing. And overall it as a general sense of malaise and exhausted is like this brain fog. And the way that I described is everybody listening has had a cold before where your all stuffed up and your just it's one of those, you know, we've all known it. Like you're staring into space all day. You're blowing your nose. Nothing is fun. Nothing's like, it was not fun to watch. A movie is not fun to eat. Like nothing's fun. You're just brain dead. That is exactly what it feels like nonstop, except without the stuffiness. So people can eat and get into car accidents. So you just, you you're, you're really not thinking, right? 2 (14m 34s): Yeah. And it also a, you know, you, you, you, 1 (14m 37s): We become very depressed and again, you can get someone Prozac it'll last a couple of months and that it won't work because you never got to the problem. So everybody should be testing their fabric comprehensively once a year with the, with their annual physical. And they don't in most places, don't take all the tests. So this was something that the onus is on you out. There is a patient to make sure that that's working. Right. And then if you go to a doctor and anyone tells you something is wrong, let me check with Thyroid first and see if that's any issue. Because from that spawns, all the problems, if it's off. And so again, it's the master gland. Not because I say it is, it's just because it is. Yeah. 0 (15m 14s): Yeah. And I'm sure a lot of people, like you mentioned get misdiagnosed. Yeah. All the time. And you sort of 1 (15m 22s): What happened yesterday, because this is a Frick up to one. Oh my God. All right, girls, 23, she comes to me and I, I look at her labs and her, she has to, she has Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune form of Hypothyroidism. And you know, you can, you get Hypothyroidism in a variety of ways. You can give it to yourself by starving yourself for over-exercising under a, you know, over exercising. But you could also just have an auto-immune form in this way. We know how to there's things that contribute to the auto-immunity spiking. But put that aside for a second. She her two Hashimotos antibodies were very high. And, you know, I said to her, I was like, well, you know, okay, we have to attack the antibodies for her. She was eating a lot of gluten and things that we know contribute to antibodies. 1 (16m 3s): And so it was like, okay, lets try a natural Clean of the diet. But also what happened was is she had two different doctors. One was an endocrinologist. One took a stool sample and said, I think you have Ms. Off of a vase stool sample. That is borderline malpractice. That is not a thing. That's not how you test Ms. The other doctor goes, I think you have lupus based on nothing. Now they took the Ana test, which can be one of those, which is basically like, does this person have an autoimmune disorder? So when it came back positive, they've just thrown out M S and lupus from a stool test and a random thing without going, Oh yeah, of course we have an autoimmune disorder. It's called Hashimotos it's over here. 1 (16m 44s): We're looking at it right here. Imagine that in, within one week, two doctors go, you have lupus and you have Ms. Like in a letter, I have determined you have lupus, best regards. You're a doctor. Like, thanks for no advice. What do I do with this? You just told me, I have Ms. A couple days later, doctor tells, Revolut says, this is, this is really messed up. And this is how it goes all the time from you. When I talk to people. So, you know, thankfully she got on board with me and I sent her to the, the doctor and my book actually. And she is on the right track. But this is what happens all the time, these misdiagnoses and I'm and you think you go with these people went to Harvard, but they have a Harvard degree. 1 (17m 24s): Some of the dumbest doctors I've ever met have Ivy league degrees. This means nothing. People, these people are outdated and steeped in 40 year old protocols. And they've never learned anything since medical school. And frankly, they weren't even taught the right shit in medical school. So it's only the doctors that really go above and beyond their training and are like totally on it. Who are those doctors? Those doctors are always the doctors that don't take insurance because they don't want to be dictated by an insurance company. You have to pay out of pocket for, and they're usually functional MDs, truly integrative physicians, natural paths, et cetera, because they're spending two hours with you. Not 15, they are not just taking a CBC in a dumb lipid panel. They are going in depth to some genetic testing, to inflammatory markers that are key to looking deeper into these problems. 1 (18m 7s): So if you really have an issue and your thinking, your way, insurance doctors going to take care of it, you are we're in for a long haul, painful journey. So you know, how badly do you want to get better? And I ask this to people. I go, what's your health worth? Oh, no. Any amount of money am I it's priceless. Right. Well, great. Then kick up the money for it. You dumb ass because this is what's going to happen. And this happens all the time. People will even listen to me or a coach with me and I'll tell them all of this in, in their head. They're still like, yeah, but I want to stick with my insurance. They always come back like six months a year later, like still sicker, even worse now because now a year has gone by and they finally then realized, so please learn the lesson. If you've got something that you don't know, what's up to tackle you going to a regular doctor is probably not going to get you the answers. 1 (18m 52s): There are a few of them were at their weight. I'll tell you a perfect example. I go to a, I have my functional doctor. That's the doctor on my book who doesn't take insurance. And then I have my, you know, standard insurance doctor. You go to through the mammogram request and the, you know, the annual physical stuff and she's obese just number one. And then I go in there and I said to her, Hey, look, you know, I'm an author. I want to be honest. I wrote a book about uninformed doctors. Like, you know, I just, to be honest with you, I deal with another doctor for my stuff. Do you mind taking the tests that he suggests I get taken because you know, there are going to be more of than what she would do. And she looks at all of them in the office and she goes, okay, I have no problem ordering these. 1 (19m 33s): I just don't know what some of them are now. Okay. A kudos for not pretending you knew what they are. But then my second thing would be you like it, should you go look that stuff up afterwards and figure out what it was? Cause I know you didn't, she didn't. I know she didn't know that's that that's the problem. Cause she should go. That's interesting. What is this other doctor? What's galectin three. What's the, what's the, this other doctor suggesting to me, you know, suggesting that I take these tests. I don't know what they are. Maybe I should go find out. Nope. Meanwhile in that same meeting, she pushed three vaccines on me, pneumonia, flu and shingles. And I was like, listen, I haven't gotten the flu since I was a kid and I've never gotten the flu shot and I'm not doing it or not. 1 (20m 16s): I'm not against other people doing it. It just is my personal decision and to know. Right. And you know, and so this is kind of like, Oh, this is just the Western medicine model. Like there's nothing. And then what's funny is, is I did a, I did an experiment during the pandemic because I wasn't gonna see anyone. And I figured, you know, let me get off thyroid medication, try one more time and just see if anything happens. And in that process, I got a little chunky, no big deal, just go right back to normal. But she had seen that my weight had gone up when I w cause I went to her again, you know, this year recently and she, and she's obese and she says to me, so what's going on with your weight? And I was like, Oh my God. And I was like, yeah, yeah, no, I didn't experiment. I got it. 1 (20m 56s): That's fine. It's going to be, I'm not worried about it. It's not that much. I'll figure it out. Like, I'm not, don't worry about me. Right. But I was also like, how do you not take on your own way? You are obese. So, you know, this is just really interesting. We got to get in a way shamed by a guy by an obese doctor. So this was kind of, of what you're dealing with. When you're dealing with an insurance doctor is 15 minutes. They are there to prescribe you a pill or surgery and the story. They don't know anything about nutrition. They never learned anything about nutrition. They don't know what to do. So if you're looking for a doctor to save you, you are going to have a terrible experience. Good luck. Instead, you are better off learning it yourself. Some of the diagnosis, you with something you better become the expert, I'd be able to help your doctor help you 100% 0 (21m 39s): And, and talking about diet. What were some, some of the top of things you did to help with your condition and you helped with your clients. And as far as eating and things like that, are there certain foods that could trigger this? Is it, is it, is it mainly genetics or, you know, 1 (21m 56s): Sometimes. So if you have a lot of auto-immunity in your family, you might be a candidate there. So let me talk about the different types. So Hypothyroidism is some, you know, underactive, slow and sluggish. That's why your temperature, you're always cold freezing. You know, nothing's working, you're constipated. That's another huge symptom I might, as Mike mentioned and constipation that like nothing fixes, no matter what you do, like laxatives, whatever, that kind of thing. Let's talk about auto-immune disorders. So Hashimotos is an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid. And so in this case, what happens is, is your immune system makes a mistake and it starts murdering. Your thyroid is just starts attacking it, just like any other immune disorder. So like Ms. Your immune system makes a mistake and starts attacking the myelin sheets on the nerves. 1 (22m 37s): And that's why you have horrible. Symptoms there. Same thing with the rheumatoid. Arthritis starts taxing the joints right than you have fuse bones and all sorts of issues with pain there, et cetera, et cetera. So this is no different. The one thing we, 100% know for sure is that gluten ignites the antibodies because the gluten protein is very similar to Thyroid tissues. So when that enters the body, the immune system will keep making that mistake and keep attacking it. So what we've seen is when people go on a gluten free, what Paleo is essentially, if you're, if you're doing a strict Paleo, it's no grains, no beans, no lagoons and no dairy, maybe occasional dairy. And I mean that in terms of like maybe heavy whipping cream, but for the most part, no. And if you have Hashimotos it's about how quickly do you want to get better? 1 (23m 19s): You've got to be strict. Does it mean if you have Hashimotos you're never going to be able to eat a piece of Chicago glutenous pizza again, it just means you got to get these antibodies down or to undetectable levels. And that is your goal. As a person with any autoimmune disorder. I have a friend who shared herself, a rheumatoid arthritis. What does that mean? She was in a wheelchair for years, had surgeries, fuse, risks, everything put it. She was a chef. Finally figured out food wise Fix herself dropped 40 pounds, any wheelchair. And Lower per antibodies to the point where it went. If you were to test your blood today for rheumatoid arthritis, nothing. Meanwhile, 10 years doctors were like, you're never getting out of the wheelchair. Sorry. It's just the way it is. Just the way it is. So she was relegated to a Life in a wheelchair and all it had to do with was food. 1 (24m 0s): And there are lots of people like this. I'll just rattle off a couple of authors that have done this so that if anyone out there has these conditions or no people refer them to Palmer Kybella, she wrote a book called beat auto-immune. She carried herself of Ms. So to Terry Walls, she has a very, more serious a condition of it. There is a chef called Shamus Mullen. He cured himself with rheumatoid arthritis. And then there's also a Courtney is my friend a C contest.com. She's the one who just told you about it. So we know that foods affect autoimmune disorders, particularly gluten and grains and beans and legumes cause of the lectins. So there is something called the Paleo AIP or auto-immune protocol. There are people with autoimmune disorders that have found that they are a particularly sensitive to things like nightshades or things high in histamines. 1 (24m 43s): That includes like cinnamon or, you know what I mean? Or certain foods. So it's a stricter food list of Paleo, right? But it's, and it's designed to be temporary or a long-term, but at least to like, get this thing under control and then you can mess around with it. So for example, one of the success stories in my book who didn't necessarily eat gluten every day, but regularly throughout the week, a little pasta dinner, a little bread with a, they had bread almost every, every dinner. And she had Hashimotos and she was on thyroid hormone replacement. She's feeling good. But her antibodies is still at like 400 and she doesn't know, cause her doctor doesn't know that you could actually do something about that. And so here's the point. If you're out there and you have an autoimmune disorder and your feeling good, cause you're on a medication or a thyroid hormone or something like that, you still do not want these antibodies in the background. 1 (25m 29s): They are a silent killer or the higher, the antibodies antibodies equal Inflammation equal begetting, more auto-immune issues. You have a higher percentage of chance with certain Hashimotos levels of having giving birth to a child with autism spectrum disorder. I mean, these are, this is a no joke. If you have a certain, a couple of Hashimotos to Hashimotos antibodies, depending on the, how high it is, or depending on which one you had, it could increase your chances of cancers by like 200 something full percent. This is ridiculous. And you can, then we can do something about it. Most doctors don't know, you can do something about it because they don't understand diet and the way food affects us. So they'll just look at someone who is on medication, look at their labs. Are you feeling that everything good? Great. All of your antibodies is still a 300 million of Hashimotos. So there is an antibodies. 1 (26m 9s): Know the goal is to get them down. So she quit gluten. She went Paleo. She got him down the lowest in her life. Like we're talking 30 years of being hypothyroid. She got them down from like three, 400. It was like three 75 to 400 to two 25 to talk. That's the, that's the goal. And that's what you see when you eliminate the stuff. The antibodies go down. Antibodies, equal inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of every disease. You do not need antibodies from an autoimmune disorder coming in there and wreaking havoc and everything else. So let's cut to like, Oh, we're in COVID times. Oh my God. If your antibodies are out of control with Hashimotos are really at risk. And in fact, you're one of those people that if you had to go to the hospital, you are more inclined to have a cytokine storm. 1 (26m 52s): Like you are more inclined to have a bad situation happened because your antibodies are all red. Your immune system is already just wreaking havoc. So Hey, like we have to get this under control. So even if you feel good, but you keep having high antibodies and you don't think that matters, it matters. And your goal should be to get them down to the lowest level possible or undetected kind of like a remission. Right? So that's, that's Hashimotos and we know for sure the grains and other things affect that. For example, even keenwah, which has a pseudo grain, effects' a friend of mine who has a family history of RA. So she went strict Paleo and she'll notice that even if she eats a little bit of gluten, like a couple of bites does a cheat, like every now and then the next day she'll wake up and can't button her shirt. 1 (27m 34s): So, so we do know How applicant, well, food is to this. And then there's a deeper level. If you have an autoimmune disorder that you might have to go into, for example, like I said about the night shades in the histamine is, but also things like a paprika as a seasoning, but its got it's red color. It comes from a, I forget what it comes to a certain kind of pepper or something either way like red color seasonings. Sometimes people realized that this is affecting them. So like your putting cinnamon in your coffee every morning and you have no idea yeah. That you are doing this to yourself. So, so food is a big factor. The other part of this too, is this a Paleo ancestral Primal evolutionary is all the same word. Oh the same time. I mean all the same thing that this paradigm of high fat, moderate protein, low carb and the activity and lifestyle that goes along with that, which most people don't understand. 1 (28m 19s): This is not just a food list. When you have these two things together, it is, it creates the most optimal based on our DNA. And when it prescribes with us as humans in an ancestral way, it, it is the, the, the best platform for not only the production and regulation of, of sex hormones in your Thyroid, et cetera, but not only output, but also is it going to get metabolized correctly because of your cortisol and your glucose is off and everything is screwed up and you, your thyroid hormones can't get to where they need to go. You know, even if you're making them yourself and you don't have to take thyroid hormone replacement like I do. And even if I do take, you know, I do take thyroid hormone replacement and other people do too. Do you want that shit to work really well and get to where it needs to go than you need to provide the best platform for it. 1 (29m 5s): And that would be the Paleo Primal paradigm doesn't mean you have to eat red meat. I would say it would be extremely difficult to be Paleo or Primal as a vegan. Yeah. I, I don't even know how you would say to do that other than like some supplements and you'd have to live off a nuts and seeds, but a lot of those people will get a shit load of beans and rice or, you know what I mean? So I don't, that would be a tough call, but you could be a pescatarian or a vegetarian if you're just someone that eats eggs or, or maybe it's just like you you're okay with some, you know, collagen or whey protein and that your fine with that or, or a fish, et cetera. But for the most part, yeah. It's I obviously believe in ancestral health, but that's, that's sort of a connection. 1 (29m 46s): Yeah. 0 (29m 47s): And actually you brought it up sort of nuts and seeds. What's your thoughts on that? Because you sort of hear differing 1 (29m 54s): A real moderation. It's a trouble source for a lot of people, including myself, because let's be honest. I mean, if it, if people don't know this, a shot glass of nuts, that's a servant, right? Fuck that. If you ever interest a shot glass and that's man, I'm like, there were a handful of pistachios. 0 (30m 10s): Oh my God. They're showing nuts. You know, macadamia. 1 (30m 15s): Yeah. And now I'll throw this out because you interviewed Brad, right. Brad was going to shout out and he made this nut butter called macadamia masterpiece. It's a very good, it is. It's too good though. Like it's, it's, it's almost too good. We were like, dude, half the jars gone now. So nuts can be a real problematic thing. I think when people are starting it, at least when I did, I made the mistake, even though I had Mark Sisson right there everyday to talk to me, I went up to a one time, like, I don't know I'm doing a hi. And he was like, Oh, like, if you're a snacking, like what are you go, go for? It I'm like nuts. He was like, ah, nickname mistakes. So the thing is, is that people don't realize how much they overeat that. And by the time you're done, you've got 1,800 to 2000 calories worth of chest nuts and you've blown your day. Right. 1 (30m 55s): And even though we're not a focus calories in calories out thing. Right. That's ridiculous. So I try to stay away. I mean, I love them. Of course I, I eat it, but you know, I try not to buy big bags of it and things like that. 'cause that to me is almost too tempting. 0 (31m 9s): I mean, buying a five-pound bag of pistachio nuts, this is not good for you. 1 (31m 13s): Well, it could go in the wrong direction, depending on how much you're hitting that bag. So, so I think nuts or slippery slope with people that are on the list and I'm I'm I'm but I would say you use sparingly, right? 0 (31m 23s): I was like a cheap food baby, right? Yeah. I was actually going to ask you about cheap foods because that's what I do. Like, like nuts and seeds quite a bit. And I've actually went from you talking about pest cured. I was a pescatarian for a long while, and then I've actually gotten a little bit more into eating meat, probably when the F when the whole quarantine started, I got into it. I I'm I'm, you know, I'm pretty active myself. It definitely made a difference, just a quality source of protein. Now I'm getting grass fed grass, finished meat, you know, responsibly raised and things like that is such a difference in my, and my body. Like people ask me, cause I looked like I was thicker and stronger. 0 (32m 4s): I'm like, what have you done differently? And that was like the main thing that I did with it. 1 (32m 9s): I was never seen of anyone who doesn't. Have you ever seen that movie? Dallas buyers club with a Matthew McConaughey about the back of the AIDS medication. And he had to get real skinny to look like an AIDS victim. And it was, it was bad. Like he looked really like, you know, he looks like a skeleton and I was reading that in order to do that, not surprisingly, he just ate lean fish, egg whites, and like veggies, you know? And I'm sure he very little a bit, but there's a reason he took the red meat out of their time to do you know what I mean? And he didn't work out cause he want to build any kind of muscle. Right. So yeah. I'm not surprised that your physique improved when you added me to it now. 0 (32m 47s): Yeah. Quality meet. And, 1 (32m 50s): And let me mention that to you because if anyone's out there a rep provisions, rep rep provisions, they're a regenerative agriculture company. I've interviewed the owner. They're a really incredible what they're doing for the, for the earth. I order all of their food and it's amazing. They actually offer there. They offer one of the highest percentages off. If you use code kick ass, Life one word. So it just wanted to throw that out to people. If you want to try. Yeah. Use it. Their bone broth or chicken in their beef broth is amazing. The ground beef is the best stuff I've ever had. They've got big, huge Tomahawk ribs out should probably grab one. This thing is so fucking useless. 0 (33m 24s): I'm on the screen. I should 1 (33m 27s): Actually, I, should I go get it and say 0 (33m 30s): That's okay. 1 (33m 32s): So yeah. So, but, but just so you know, if anyone wants to try their stuff, you know, Hey, 15% off is like the highest they give with that. But yeah, I think it's really important. I mean, ButcherBox is another good company as well. That does grass fed delivery 0 (33m 42s): And things like that is what I've been using 1 (33m 45s): Or go to eat wild.com and or.org. And there would be a list of things there's wild, Oak pastures, white Oak pastures. Sorry. So there's lots of great companies that are doing this, like a deliver it right to your door. Do you need and have to eat this kind of stuff? If you, if you're really on a tight budget and you can't, no, I would just do your best. And if then if you can't do that, then make sure your trying to get it organic vegetables, do your best to be Clean. But the best you can do is be eating from these food groups. If you can't afford the stuff. But I will say there's a lot of people think Paleo Primal is so expensive because they're like, Oh, it's grass fed and all this stuff. And that shit's more expensive, but here's the thing. And, and maybe you've experienced this too, but most people who go from a carbohydrate dependent standard American BS whatevers into Paleo Primal health, realize that over time, this is just true. 1 (34m 34s): You become metabolically more efficient and then you become calorically efficient and you end up eating less than you did. I used to be able to pile away a stake and a half. I can't even do that. Now. I'm shocked that I can't eat the amount that I used to now for someone that's a food addict out there and you're like, Oh shit, I don't want to hear that. I want to be eating more food that I'm eating. Now. I can't even think about that, but I will tell you that that's just because you're a food addict and what Paleo Primal does. And the biggest success story we have at the primal blueprint and Mark's daily, apple.com is, you know, every week someone's like, Oh, I lost 100 pounds for my skin. Disease is cleared or, you know, get rid of rheumatoid arthritis. But the thoroughfare is, Oh my God, I'm not addicted to food anymore. I don't think about food anymore or a Holy shit. What a new world. So back to the finances, you end up actually spending less money on your food. 1 (35m 21s): When you go through this process. Now maybe not the first month, maybe the first month you're over eating fat, over eating nuts. You're overeating. Okay. But as you go down the line, you're going to be like, I can't even finish this. The steak is now two miles, you know? So I feel like it is cheaper in the long run, but at first might seem like it's more expensive, but even if you can't buy grass fed and organic, just at least do the, the food list and the paradigm or the best you can, that is going to be better. 0 (35m 47s): Right. You've got to start somewhere and then you can sort of build from there. And it, you talked about saving money, a big part of what I, what got me into the health world is intermittent fasting and yeah. Yeah. So maybe we can talk a little bit about that. I mean, you know, like talk about realizing, you know, your true hunger, your, I guess, true hunger hormones and just how your body feels like when you were just like, you realize that skipping a meal, it's really not a big deal. And that's another way to save money and save time and be flexible. And, and so, yeah. Speak on that. Maybe regarding your client's right now. 1 (36m 24s): Wait a minute. It fast and a lot, mostly because I'm not a breakfast person. I like to work out in the morning. I don't like a full stop. I don't know. I just not into it. There's some people that are the opposite. They don't like dinner and the love breakfast. Okay. What else? So, so for example, yesterday, I woke up, had coffee. I with nothing, you know, nothing in it. I went on a 25 minute walk, came home, did about 15 minutes of weight. Then I drove and I swam for 30 minutes. Then I came home and I didn't eat until 3:00 PM. But before that, sorry, I'll take it back before that, the few hours before eight and maybe 12 after I came back from a swim, I did have a scoop of like Primal kitchen way. 1 (37m 6s): And I had a scoop of Paleo Valley greens just as a, because I don't like the feeling of food. You know what I mean? I just wasn't hungry, hungry, but I wanted some protein after that workout and some sort of something that's it. So that was like my first quote meal and that really, and then I ate my main meal, you know, right around three or four. So most people would not be able to do that. But if you can't do that, that means you are a carbohydrate dependent because when you were a Fat Burner vs a Sugar Burner you were able to do that. In fact, I probably could of gone several days and nothing would have happened. My muscles wouldn't have catalyze. I wouldn't of had some hangry melt on, I might've had a moment of like, okay, I'm kind of hungry, but I wouldn't have like lost my shit. 1 (37m 46s): Had a mental breakdown, crashed, been like, Oh my God. That's why when people do fast and there they eat junk. And then the light, whatever the city is just a normal person does a fast it's like the third day that he was like, Oh my God, I feel amazing. Like, wait until you hit the third day. You're like, yeah, girl, because the third day is when your body was like this check starving, let's start producing ketones. That's like why they felt so great in the brain. And enlightened is because now their brain is functioning off of ketones. Cause they're in ketosis. So, so that's really what happens. So if you are a fat Burner, you can go much longer. And without having any kind of adverse symptoms, when I was a Sugar Burner in four hours, where to go by empty brain hangry. 1 (38m 29s): Oh my God. So hungry. I'm mad. I'm freaking out my brain can't think its kind of Hegde a headache, EMT, a weird system, a weird feeling. I have to like pull over to a grocery store, shift food in my mouth just to make it an extra half an hour home. Cause I couldn't handle being in the car any longer with this feeling. That's not right. That's not how our ancestors operated because that is not what our DNA dictates of us. 0 (38m 53s): Yeah. And, and th I think it takes for a lot of people that it takes time to get to that point become like a fat burner. 1 (39m 0s): And you got to like get into this. I mean, it takes 30 days to really get these switches, going to see a sheet, the hunger, but you know what? It can take some time. And it depends on where you are. There's also this, you know, there's this concept of autophagy, you know, we are in Mark Sisson would say the best stuff that's happening to us is when we're not eating, that's when the body goes in and does its own cleaning out, getting rid of dirty cells and all that kind of stuff. So I think it's important. There are times when I don't, for example, if I am hungry in the morning, I wouldn't be happy about it. Cause it kind of screws up my own personal thing. I honor it though. I still honor it. I'll eat a little something. It may be its a bite of leftover salmon. Maybe it's just a piece of steak or maybe it's some, you know, I love carnival crisp like beef liver. 1 (39m 44s): Maybe I'll just throw into a big, I'll do something. Even though that's not usually my jam because I'm also going on my intuition and I'm not going to go. I'm a person that intermittent fast. I'm not supposed to eat. No that day I'm hungry. I'm going to eat. Yeah. So I think it's very important, but you can't get to the intuitive place until you've locked down in this kind of environment for about a month strictly and then your you're satiated and now the switches are turned and now you're really operating from a different level in it. And at that point, yeah. That's yeah. 0 (40m 13s): Right. Eating off your intuition, right. That's it, you know, as opposed to just eating off the clock, what time it is. Right. 1 (40m 20s): And, and it's so much better too. And this is what people don't realize and you know, Mark's better at explaining it than I am. But if you're a Sugar Burner than you better eat within an hour after working out because your muscles are going to cannibalize when you are a fat Burner it doesn't matter. There aren't those rules. Now, if you were a body builder type and you we're in this paradigm. Yeah. And then of course within an hour after working out, if you really want it to maximize that yeah. You should eat a protein, but those rules aren't there any longer when you are a fat burner. But when you're a Sugar Burner yeah. You better be on the treadmill burning off the glucose or you just ate the night before. Oh and then yeah. When you get out of working out and you better be protein because if you're a Sugar Burner hour for five comes around, your muscles will start to cannibalize, but not. 1 (41m 4s): So when you're a fat burner and I remember this and this is what's so weird back in the day, like 15 years ago or so more. I had a friend who we are now in LA, who was doing the zone delivery, the zone diet, which is like three meals, two snacks, or just the worst. And so we were doing it right. So they're doing the delivery, they measured all of this stuff and he worked out everyday. He was really fit. And I remember him saying this and it didn't make sense until 20 years later when I, and this is related to what I just said, which has he was sitting there eating or he's eating his thing. He was like, I feel like I need to call the zone. I think something's off. And I go, why would you do this? I don't think he goes, I know this sounds weird. 1 (41m 44s): I feel like my muscles are Eating themselves. That's literally what he said to me. And we laughed about it and I was like, I don't understand it. And then I called him like 15 years later, I'm like, Oh my God, dude, your muscles were cannibalizing that they weren't eating themselves. I hadn't no. So what's weird. Is that like, he felt it, he felt it, he felt something was off their, and I remember being like, whatever dude. Okay. I don't know. Hmm. You know? And then when I learned about this so many years later, I was like, Oh my God, that comment, the comment came right back because I was like, how true, how true the statement he made. And he didn't even know the mechanisms by, which is a statement like that could be made. He just said what he was failing. So that was not fun. Who wants that? 1 (42m 25s): So you put all this work in and then you're screwed because hour for wind by and you miss the food for a couple more hours. That's dumb. Yeah. 0 (42m 32s): Gotcha. What would you say your routine? I know you talked a little bit about it. What's your eating routine and yeah. What's your typical meal? 1 (42m 43s): Like I said, I'm like one meal a day kind of maybe too. But the first one would be really light. I usually eat animal protein of some kind or a fish, you know? So I usually eat something that had a parent, but a, but not always, it's rare, but this occasionally there's a day where I'm like, I just don't feel, I just want vegetables or something like that. That can happen. And I go with that. I go with that too. 0 (43m 6s): What vegetables you, you know? Cause you know, you talk about nightshades and I used to be, I used to eat a lot of vegetables. Yeah. 1 (43m 12s): We don't have an auto immune disorder, but I do have a little bit of a histamine histamine intolerance. So tomatoes don't work well with me. I don't actually do well with night shades and like a plant can make my mouth a little itchy, you know? So, so a vegetable. So either, literally during a pandemic, I'll take a bag of frozen vegetables, throw it in the instant pot with some bone broth and just make like a dumb soup just to get it in there. Aside from on the days when I don't eat vegetables, which sometimes I don't, sometimes I have a carnival day just because I'm not feeling vegetables. That's okay too. On those days though. And it almost every day I do like pay the Valley greens powder or something, you know? And then veggies has got everything from collard greens. 1 (43m 54s): Sometimes I'll take a piece of bacon, throw some collard greens in the instant pot and do some stuff with some bone broth. I love salads. I love romaine lettuce. I love making BLTs with lettuce. So using like Primal Mayo or you like the, you know, sometimes not the tomato. If I, if I know I'll get a reaction, but I love doing that. And I mean, I kind of Eat all the vegetables every once in a while, I'll have a potato every once in a while have spaghetti squash or something like that. Like a, you know, but for the most part, I stick to like the greens and you know, the quality. 0 (44m 25s): Yeah. I love the instant pot. I just made butter squash. I just made a butternut squash soup last night. Oh nice. Yeah. The instant pot 1 (44m 32s): Is actually amazing. I mean, I was scared of it at first because 0 (44m 36s): Yeah. It just to get to like blow up 1 (44m 39s): What was going to explode. Totally. But I will say this is, what's amazing about it is like you can literally throw a piece of frozen fish in there and that shit has cooked perfectly in three minutes. That's insane. You know, you can make, I love cooking short ribs, short ribs. If you cook them in the oven, do it right. Take three, three and a half hours, you know, or things like oxtails. Those things take forever in the oven, instant pot, 55 minutes. So yeah, really a great thing if you guys 0 (45m 3s): Out there 1 (45m 5s): And it really isn't, it it's worth it. It's a really, really, 0 (45m 9s): Or the ceiling you got that down. Are you good to go? You can throw like, you know, the half the kitchen in there and something will come out of it would be halfway decent. 1 (45m 17s): Absolutely. So I do a lot of that. I'll do a lot of stews and things like that. Yeah. I mean, I pretty much eat everything I'm allergic to shellfish, so I don't really eat that, but I eat everything. I have a lot of Cod and a wild salmon in my freezer right now. But my freezer right now is just packed with the grass fed and you know, the animals basically. 0 (45m 37s): Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's great to have that delivered and just have it on hand and especially with the, the, the pandemic and staying home and cooking for yourself all the time, you know? Yeah, 1 (45m 48s): Absolutely. It just is like, like before the pandemic I would go to the grocery store every couple of days, even the way it always has some meat in my freezer, but I still liked to gonna go to the store and, and now I'm getting everything delivered and you know, I get my vegetables delivered to, so I use a company, I think they're only in California, but they're called the farm fresh to you. I know there's others where every week I get a vegetable box and I can choose what I want. And so I switch it up. So for example, I'd be like, Oh, you know what? It was the last time it had purple cabbage. All right, let's throw that in their, you know, I'll just be like, Oh, I've got the other day. A friend of mine told me they were like, Oh, I roasted radishes. They are delicious. They're not bitter. They're sweet. They're amazing. I'm like, that sounds good. I have, I don't know when the last time I had a radish, let me throw that into the box. So I will just kind of do that every week. And I love that because I know I'm getting organic, fresh produce, but I'm also getting to really decide. 1 (46m 32s): And they usually have the things that are only in season. So I'm eating more, you know, with the circadian rule of what has happening here with the farms. And so I will just randomly try that. Or an herb, like randomly, I was like, you know, I love dill. And I was thinking about, so I got some dill and I was thinking about using it for fish, which most people do. And then I randomly sauteed some mushrooms with some butter and through Dillon their own shit. It, it was like amazing. I don't even, I'm like, well, I just discovered a new, so I just will experiment with that. But again, I, I stick to the, the, the green leafy veggies. I love Brussels sprouts and things like that. I S I try not to over do it. Right. They are. And I try not. And even though in the Thyroid world, they always say, Oh, broccoli, like Paul selidino would say, broccoli is destroying your Thyroid. 1 (47m 18s): Some people say, well, if you cook these cruciferous vegetables, they're not as antagonistic to Thyroid. You know what? The jury is a little bit out on both. I would say that if you are suffering with a thyroid problem and you're trying to correct it, normally you might to cook these cruciferous vegetables. Other than that, I just, because I know what I know the jury is a little bit out, even though I take that red hormone. So I'm not really relying on my own production. I try to limit those things. Cause I can, I love brussel sprouts. I love that stuff, but I try to limit it a little bit. Yeah. And I think, you know, I think genetic testing and things like this could be really helpful. I learned that I had a process of an issue processing foods high in sulfur that's eggs. I always had an issue with garlic. 1 (47m 58s): I'd sometimes broccoli doesn't go great for me too. So, you know, there's so many ways to figure out what's right for you. I did a food sensitivity test at one point, you know, and then aside from the 23 and me, you take that raw data and you can look at it. And so quitting eggs for me, it was one of the best things is not to say that I don't ever not never eat them, but I can't eat them regularly. And it was only through the process of eliminating it, reintroducing, seeing the reaction. And I'm not allergic to it on a test. It's not even on my food sensitivity. It's N equals one plus a genetic component that makes total sense. So onions, things like that, things high in sulfur. And I love that stuff, but you know, it, it can be a little bit problematic for me. 1 (48m 41s): So again, there's so many ways to detect what you, what might be right for you. There's people that take a food sensitivity test and they've got a pork and meat on there and then don't eat that shit. You know what I mean? Like maybe that's them and it can change over time, but everyone's unique, you know, you've got to do what's right for you and what you, like. I go with what I crave a lot. It's been harder over the pandemic too. Kind of plan within the food, the food, the, you know, the vegetable box and stuff. Cause I just kinda go with what I'm, when I'm feeling. And I think that that's important to honor. And once you are a past the stage of now you're a fat burner and you could become more intuitive. A like, for example, if I'm just like creating fish for a couple of days, like, okay, or I'm just craving cucumbers or like blackberries or was it, it doesn't matter what it is. 1 (49m 27s): Like I will eat it. I mean, not donuts necessarily, but you know, so I, I go with that because there's, there's something they're, you know? 0 (49m 36s): Yeah. No, I mean, I was gonna ask you, I know we talked about it a lot about Thyroid but your other book ah Confident as F you see K, and then what would you say? 1 (49m 49s): And the friendly and say as F Confident, as F a few months, 0 (49m 53s): What would you say? What's one big takeaway from that book that's so we can get, yeah. 1 (49m 59s): Well, this is what everyone really needs to know. First of all, no's going to do for you. Not a note, I'm going to do it for you. You are the only one that can give yourself confidence. You are, you might've had a shitty parent told you were worth nothing grew up that way. That's okay, but you got a parent yourself now. So this is up to everybody to do it. You're not going to get it from an external source. You will eventually people, people sure. External sources can help increase self-esteem and confidence. But this is the one. If I have to say one main takeaway, I'd say confidence is not an anchored fixed quality within you. It is the, some of the actions you think, and the thoughts that, sorry, it's the, some of the thoughts you think of the actions you take. So because everybody has the choice to change the thought of thoughts and change their accents. 1 (50m 43s): Everybody has access to this. It, it has to be built from within, but you have the ability to increase your confidence and the reason you want it is because you don't get what you want in life. Without it, you have to speak up at every turn. I don't care if you're a stay-at-home mom, you're going to have to go talk to some shitty mom at the PTA meeting, or stand up to a teacher or speak up for your kid in business everywhere. Self-promotion, you know, I half the reason there's hundreds of interviews and be out there. It is because when I first wrote my book, I pounded the pavement and went out there and pimped myself out and sold myself. Yes, we are in the world of self promotion. No, one's really going to do it for you unless you hire a PR firm. 1 (51m 23s): So, so at the end of the day, you need confidence at every level is not about being a public speaker or some bad-ass. Some of the quietest people are the most confident people I've ever met. So this is not about being a talkative extrovert, but it is about feeling good in your body and your mind and who you are everywhere you go. And that you have. If I had to define confidence as anything, I'd say it's a general sense that you will prevail either to a specific activity or in life in general. 0 (51m 49s): Yeah. Well, I liked to hear that because I'm, I'm a life-time golfer kind of, you know, confidence could be fleeting, especially in a sports and in golf. And you're always trying to find ways to gain it. 1 (52m 3s): Well, you know, let's talk about goals for a second. Now I'm not a golfer, but I have a couple of friends that go golfing together and they always complain about this other friend, because every time he should to sing, it's always like, ah, it's a terrible, I'm poor, but you know, ah, damn son have a bit all of this. 0 (52m 18s): And no one likes playing with someone that just like is like self pity and 1 (52m 23s): That's right. That's right. So if every shot, so I mean, again, what a lack of like, and here's the thing, we don't find it attractive or In anybody. No one else cares either. Yeah. No one else cares. And also it just, right. Yeah. Well, I was also not the man, not the way to manifest a good golf swing, right? You're not using intention correctly there. In fact, if anything, you are just furthering your bad, bad shots. Yeah. 0 (52m 45s): Yeah. I know. And, and I think the big thing not to get off on a golf thing that I could talk for hours about golf, but like self-talk cause I coach high school golf and I tell the kids, you've got to be your biggest cheerleader out there because no one else. And then you could learn a lot of the lessons with golf. What? No one else, everyone is on their own doing their own thing. That's Life, that's Life you know, so you gotta be a lot, pump yourself up, out there in the future. 1 (53m 10s): Do you have to be your own encourager? Otherwise here's what happens? You got a parent or a teacher or an extra neighbor, whatever, whoever raised you, whoever's in your sphere, you've got these whatever. Or maybe their negative downer is maybe they did tell you, like, I don't know. Maybe you should just be this. I don't know that your meant for that or whatever. They're your dreams. Are you going to let those people be correct? Are you going to let someone else's story about you manifest and self fulfilled prophecy? That's up to you. They're not holding you back. You're holding yourself back. Don't let them be right. Not if I could help it. They're not going to be right now. They don't get to win that shitty parent. I told you were with nothing. They don't get to fucking win. Fuck them. I'm sorry. I'm swearing. But it's true. It's really like, no, no. 1 (53m 51s): And you know, one of the things I say in my book is your victim application has been denied. I talked to a 50 year old woman once and she was complaining about her mother. And she was like, you know, if my mother had just pushed me further and disciplined me more, I'd probably be successful by now, blah, blah, blah. And you could tell she was just not happy where she wasn't Life but constantly blaming that on her mom. And I said, Hey question, how will your 50 now, how old were you when you kind of maybe thought of my mom sucked now, she wasn't a great, you know, when did you realize this about her? And she goes, I don't know. Maybe I was like 30. I said, so you've had 20 fucking years. And you haven't done anything to motivate yourself, knowing this, knowing this, or I wish you would've motivated me more for 20 years. 1 (54m 32s): Where is your self motivation? Why don't you get off that hamster wheel, canceled that story and do it yourself. So no one's going to do this for you. You have to parent yourself and it sounds harsh, but it's true. We all have to so 0 (54m 48s): Great advice. And I'll ask you this one last question I've been asking a lot of people that on the, for the podcast is what's one tip that you would tell someone if they wanted to sort of get their body back to what a once was or their mind. But 1 (55m 8s): Ah, the biggest lesson I've learned over time, as I'm getting older, cardio, walking, swimming, any of these types of things, won't do it. We won't do it. I was very resistant to weights. That's the only way you have to lift stuff. You know what? I'm going to burn way more. You going to get a physique. You were going to actually get the body you want by lifting weights. It's not going to be through the other stuff. You could walk five miles a day. You ain't going to get toned. Abs you ain't, you're just not. And so, you know, and, and, and as you get older, you have to do it more and more and more regularly and things like that. 1 (55m 49s): So I used to do it. Then I got away from it and I saw the difference. And now, you know, I've been back into it. I think I told you I did a Thyroid experiment. I gained some Fat over the pandemic. And I was like, but I was like, you know, it was like, whatever is in your own care. And you know, so for me it was like, all right, well, getting back on the medication is part of it, but now I've also got to, like I had, you know, it was in a hypo States for a little bit they're so now I've gotta kind of do a little extra, right. So I'm being a little bit more diligent than most people, but I would say weights again. And literally I'm the last person that would have ever suggested that I'm at point because I w I don't want to, I'd rather walk it off. I'd rather just walk. I don't, I'd rather walk and swim. I don't want to, I don't want to do it. 0 (56m 29s): And you know, there's nothing wrong. I would say there's nothing wrong with walking, but, but right. Yeah. Especially after a meal, but yes, I agree with your resistance training, as you get older, 1 (56m 41s): Absolutely have to do it. And by the way, you can do it in literally 15 minutes and be done. Right. So, so, so if you're on a Primal Paleo PR now, if you want to be like my podcasting partner, Terra, Garrison, who was buff, ripped shredded, or, you know, like be, you know, a model, a fitness model, we know that's a different story. You know what? You're going 0 (56m 60s): To have to miss a major way, 1 (57m 3s): Right? You're going to have to be a beast, but for someone like me and I'm not pushing out, and I'm not a personal trainer, and I'm not about, I don't care about being on the cover of shape magazine. This is not my goal. I don't take photos. And bikini's cause I'm like, Hey, I'm on the train. You how to do this to them. I'm just a normal person out here. Just trying to feel good on their own body. Right? The weights is a honestly though, it's every time if I get off of it for 10 days or something, you know, and then get back on it and you see the difference right away, you notice the difference. It is also very important to a concept that Mark, Sisson talks about. And Brad Kearns in the keto reset, which is our key to, for Life, which is the concept of organ reserve. Or if you are not challenging these things, then when you are, if you're going to take a vacation now on lifting weights, your shins is going to take a vacation on you when you're in trouble. 1 (57m 48s): That's why people die of the broken hip. When they're older, it's not a broken hip it's because they go to the hospital, they get pneumonia in their lungs have not been challenged for a long time cause they don't work out and they don't do the stuff that challenges it. So now their lungs can't get rid of the sputum In. And so again, this goes to anything, you know, your, your bones are going to get less dense, right? Because they're like, well, we're not being challenged here. So you have to challenge all of these things. If you want them to be in tip top shape. That's why it's seriously anti-aging and it's such a great precursor to releasing all of the incredible hormones that we know that are involved with anti-aging. So yeah, one tip is to get into the weights and I don't care if it's like, you start with five pounds, you know what I mean? I don't lift that many weights because I have a hand disability. 1 (58m 28s): So I have like kind of weight restrictions to some degree that could cause me problems. But you know, again, just, you've got to start somewhere and do what you can do. 0 (58m 38s): I love it. I love that tip and lots of good stuff here. So I appreciate you coming on. We could probably talk for hours, but we're going to just leave it at that. And I appreciate all your tips and yeah. Thanks for coming on. Elle 1 (58m 53s): Thanks for having me. I do want to mention though I do have a free Thyroid guide. So it was on my website. Elle Russ dot com just free Thyroid guide in the corner. The reason I did this is because you don't have to go buy my book, you know, you can great, but that tells you like every test you need to get when to get it tested. What time of day? What do you do? How do you call a doctor's office? How do you find a doctor in your state or country? There's a lot of great free resources in there. So if 0 (59m 15s): The Links Al Russ dot com, 1 (59m 17s): Right? Elle Russ dot com. And then a, and of course you can find everything on the podcast. I host my books, et cetera. Both of my books are available on Amazon. And again, just, yeah, I want to point out that free thyroid guide or if you knew anyone suffering 'cause it has like the basics of like, do I have an issue with Thyroid let me see. Let's start here. That kind of thing. Start with a, Thyroid write always to go from there. Thanks. So thank you. 3 (59m 45s): Thanks for listening to the Get Lean Eat Clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine. And I appreciate that. Check out the show notes at Brian Gryn dot com for everything that was mentioned in this episode, feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family members is looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again, and have a great day.

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