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Dramatically Improve Your Health with Fasting

November 2, 2022 in Podcast


On this week's Wellness Wednesday episode, Evan's joined by the host of the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast Brian Gryn. Brian is not only the host of his awesome podcast but, he's also a wellness coach, author, and movement specialist. After noticing the amazing results produced through fasting in one of his clients, Brian began his own fasting journey. To his surprise he not only gained health benefits, but mental benefits as well.

Brian's and Evan found tons of common ground when it came to fasting, and more specifically in what's considered truly healthy for each individual. Brian and Evan dive deep into how to fast, why you should fast, and what kind of fast you should be doing. Finding an approach to health that's not dogmatic was at the core of today's episode and is extremely important when it comes to individual health needs.

You don't want to miss the amazing information in todays episode and the chance to hear fasting advice from two long time practitioners.

Evan Roberts

I'm a certified IIN Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. I love taking a whole approach to health as everything is connected. When you treat one issue in the body, you'll inevitably treat other issues in the body which is why I try to look at things from a big picture perspective. Through this show I'll be bringing you information packed episodes on tangible ways to improve your overall health and wellness.


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