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Dr. Ray Peat’s Pro-Metabolic Way of Eating

July 24, 2023 in Podcast


In this micro episode, I discuss an overview of Dr. Ray Peat and his viewpoint on nutrition commonly referred to as "pro-metabolic" or the bioenergetic theory of health.

The Bioenergetic Theory of Health is the idea that the root of all disease is an inability of our cells to produce and utilize energy. The ability to use energy to create structure and function within a cell encompasses many of the aspects of cellular metabolism. Cellular metabolism is defined as the sum of energy of chemical reactions that take place within the cell.  Foods are primarily made up of macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats & proteins. These are broken down to be used as energy. There are a number of toxic substances with harmful effects within foods that decrease our cells ability to produce energy like polyunsaturated fatty acids and anti nutrients.

Dr. Ray Peat has put together an assortment of foods (liver, milk, juice, ruminant meat...) that he recommends to maximize cellular energy production by providing your body with lots of energy and all the nutrients it needs to be able to properly use these calories to create structure.

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Brian (1s):

Hello and welcome to the GETLEAN and Eat Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn. I'm a certified health coach, trainer and author, and this podcast is for middle aged men and women looking to optimize their health and get their bodies back to what it once was 10 to 15 years ago. I will give you simple, actionable items to get long term sustainable results. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show, All, right? Welcome to the GETLEAN E Clean podcast. My name is Brian Gryn. I hope you had a great weekend and happy Tuesday if you're listening to this on Tuesday. Hopefully you listen to my interview with health researcher and health coach Jay Feldman.

Brian (46s):

It was the fourth time he's been on the podcast, and we dove into mitochondrial energy, glucose versus Fat burning. We got into constructing the ideal diet to maximize energy. We talked a little bit about fructose and does this cause fatty liver disease and yeah, much, much more. So if you haven't already, it's definitely worth a listen. Episode two 70 with Jay Feldman. Now in today's micro podcast, I wanted to piggyback off, you know, my talks with Jay. I've had Georgie doff on, I've had Danny Roddy on. I'm gonna have Georgie in a little bit of a debate with Dr. Anthony Anthony Chaffee. That's gonna be coming soon. So look out for that.

Brian (1m 28s):

And so that was on upon request and it really enjoyed it. I think you will look out for that. But either way, today I wanted to just touch on this sort of bioenergetic viewpoint, which was all rooted by a gentleman by the name of Ray Pete. and we talked a little bit about Dr. Ray, Pete with Jay and Danny and Georgie as well. And so I figured I would just sort of give you the, the summary overview of, of sort of his thoughts around health and and generating energy. He's been, gosh, he recently passed away. He has his PhD in biology. He specialized in physiology from the University of Oregon.

Brian (2m 8s):

And Dr. Pete studied the hormone progesterone in particular in 19 60, 68, along with other hormones like thyroid, And, you know, contin continued his studies with the role of progesterone and endocrinology in the body. To this day, he was sort of ahead of his time and he was a professor at a number of universities and had, gosh, how many books? I think he's got five books all the way from 1976 all the way to 2001, I believe was his last one. So I'll leave a link in the show notes if you wanna read more about, you know, his, his sort of view and his philosophy around health, which is this bioenergetic pro Metabolic viewpoint.

Brian (2m 58s):

And it's all about sort of speeding the system up as opposed to slowing it down. And I talked to Danny Roddy a little bit about this as well is, you know, the thought around sugar burning versus Fat burning and Fat burning is sort of your backup system. And the, he was a big proponent of, you know, having a, an efficient glucose metabolism, which can speed up energy and speed up your Metabolic rate. So Ray Pete was one of the founders of the, this pro Metabolic diet based on this bioenergetic theory of health. Now, The Bioenergetic, Theory of Health is the idea that the root of all disease is an inability of our cells to produce and utilize energy.

Brian (3m 44s):

Jay mentioned the fact that he thinks this is the reason that we have quite a bit of obesity is the individuals having a lack of ability for their cells to produce the right amount of energy based on what they're eating. So just to give you a little bit more of a background in humans, along with other organisms that perform cellular respiration, you can think of this as the cells are suffocating due to their lack or, or their inability to use oxygen properly. The ability to use energy to create structure and function within a cell encompasses many of the aspects of cellular metabolism. And Cellular metabolism is defined as the sum of energy of chemical reactions that take place within the cell.

Brian (4m 29s):

So foods are made up of macronutrients. You have carbs, fats and Proteins. These are broken down to be used as energy micronutrients like Fat soluble and water soluble vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals and amino acids are necessary to metabolize and break down the macronutrients for energy and use them to create structure within the cells. The, the issue is there's a lot of toxic substances that are harmful effects within foods that decrease our cells ability to produce energy. Like for one, a big one that Dr. Ray, Pete talks a lot about is polyunsaturated fatty acids, PUFAs, which I talked, which has been a topic of conversation on this podcast quite a bit.

Brian (5m 19s):

We talked about the seed oils and then also antinutrients. Those are two big things that could decrease our cells ability to produce energy. So over time, repeat, there's no repeat diet, right? Over time he's put together sort of assortment of foods that he recommends to maximize cellular energy. I will touch on that in a second. Jay and I talked about that in the episode. But you know, another key opponent that Dr. Ray, you know, he studied hormones. Obviously endocrinology is promoting hot, healthy thyroid function. They always talk about, Danny Roddy talked about taking your pulse and your temperature to see, you know, if your pulse is too low and your body temperature's cold all the time, it's one sort of telltale sign that you might be lacking in, in a healthy thyroid function.

Brian (6m 17s):

And, you know, thy thyroid gland obviously plays a key role in the body's energy regulation. you know, many people, it's probably underdiagnosed, suffer from suboptimal thyroid health and they don't even realize it. So there are things that you can do to help improve that. you know, there are nutrients, iodine, selenium, even coconut oil can help increase and support optimal thyroid function and increase energy levels. Another viewpoint that Dr. Ray, Pete talks a lot about in his papers is the role of stress on our health and chronic stress, as most of us know, can lead to these damaging, sort of damaging our biogenic system leading to, you know, hormonal imbalances, Metabolic dysfunction.

Brian (7m 8s):

So to combat that, you know, he talks a little bit about, you know, obviously exercise can help stress management, rest and relaxation. And then lastly, like I mentioned to you, the inflammatory compounds and vegetable oils. He was a big, not a big fan of those. And obviously those are very high in processed foods, So, they, it does go hand in hand. So those are sort of some of the general high level principles from Dr. Ray, Pete And, you know, people ask, well, what foods sort of can help? Or what assortment of foods does he recommend to maximize cellular energy?

Brian (7m 49s):

It's not a perfect sort of picture, but some of the ones that he recommends, and Jay talked a little bit about this when we, when we talked was, you know, saturated fats, right? We wanna stay away from the polyunsaturated fats, fruit and fruit juices, like especially orange juice, which when I first heard that I was like, okay, that's interesting, but ruminant meat, bone broth, milk, eggs, liver. So these are obviously nutrient dense foods. And, you know, these were sort of some of the, some of the foods that he would talk about to maximize cellular energy.

Brian (8m 29s):

So that's just a little bit about Ray Pete, his background, the bioenergetic viewpoint, And, you know, obviously if you wanna learn more about it, definitely check out his website. I'll put a link in the show notes. But I'd definitely changed my viewpoint on health And. you know, I used to obviously be a big proponent of fasting and they don't love that. I think fasting can play a role in helping prove gut health and give you structure throughout the day. So I do think it has a benefit, but they don't, you know, I think one of their, one of the big PO points and Jay talks about is the fast that fact fasting can get you in sort of this mode where eventually, you know, you're gonna start burning Fat and they believe that Fat burning is a backup system and that you should look into getting into better glucose burning as opposed to just burning Fat.

Brian (9m 27s):

And I know that's counterintuitive and we, Jay and I talk about and go a little bit more into detail. I'm not gonna touch on all that today. If you have any questions, obviously I can get answer those. But the bottom line is Dr. Ray Pete, his principles are based off of a very strong philosophy. And, you know, I'm starting to really dive more in, more into it. And obviously having people like Danny and Jay and Georgia dink off has definitely helped. So those are sort of the high level things regarding sort of the repeat diet, the biogenic viewpoint, And, you know, hopefully this can maybe help, you know, maybe spur you on if you've been trying something that hasn't worked.

Brian (10m 12s):

you know, if low carb and fastening hasn't worked for you, this might be a, a viewpoint on health that could, you know, help you with energy production And, you know, achieve optimal health. So that's all I wanna touch on today. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Brian at Brian Gryn dot com. And if you haven't already, check out my Stepladder system book. You can get it on Amazon, you can get it. Just going to the Stepladder system.com. I'll put a link in the show notes for that, put a lot of time and and effort into that. So thank you again for listening. If you love the podcast, feel free to leave a review and look out for Friday for another great interview.

Brian (10m 54s):

Have a great week, and I will talk to you then. Thanks for listening to the GETLEAN E Clean podcast. I understand there are millions of other Podcasts out there and you've chosen to listen to mine and I appreciate that. Check out the show notes at Brian Gryn dot com for everything that was mentioned in this episode. Feel free to subscribe to the podcast and share it with a friend or family member that's looking to get their body back to what it once was. Thanks again and have a great day.

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