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episode #66

Intermittent Fasting Expert, Brian Gryn ON creating a Sustainable Easy to Adapt Fasting Routine

October 24, 2022 in Podcast


On this Episode we Discussed -Journey to Nutrition -What is Intermittent Fasting -Truth about Fasting -Overcoming Hunger on a Fasts 12:37 -How to Start Intermittent Fasting the right way 16:35 -Setting yourself up for Success on Fasts -Accountability -Core Benefit of Intermittent Fasting 21:00 -Fasted-state Workouts -Brian’s Mission -Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal -What are the Benefitial Hormetic Stressors -Brians Gryn’s Morning & Evening Routine -1 on 1 Coaching with Brian Gryn 40:00 -21 Day Fasting Challenge

Lorenz Manaig

Lorenz Manaig is a Keto Influencer, a Certified Health Coach, and Host of the Ketones and Coffee Podcast where he interviews experts, influencers and everyday people with life-changing Stories who have conquered their life and thriving by changing their relationship with food and adapting the KETO lifestyle.

Lorenz is also the Founder of Basic Keto Box, a Canadian based company that curates Healthy, Non-GMO, keto-friendly Snacks for keto dieter’s. Before Founding the company, he is a Finance Major and worked in Finance Jobs for 5 years until he found Keto.

This lifestyle gave him so much life, purpose, & freedom. Not only he was able to relieve the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression. He was able to Start a Company and Started his Podcast. He believes that a lot of people are suffering in silence and vouches to tell his story and others in hopes to assist others who needs it.


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