Do you take your car in for regular service?

I am sure you do or else the car will not drive to optimal performance.

Do you do the same for your body? Do you want optimal performance out of your body?

Well your body does something called autophagy – “self eating” – It is a regulated, orderly process to degrade and recycle cellular components. 1

It is the same as replacing a timing belt, a new exhaust or a new battery for your car.

Cells become old and junky and by turning on autophagy you’re going to promote cellular repair in your body.

“Autophagy makes us more efficient machines to get rid of faulty parts, stop cancerous growths, and stop metabolic dysfunction like obesity and diabetes.” stated Colin Champ, M.D., a board-certified radiation oncologist, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Autophagy also has the ability to clear out old protein that could prevent the development of Alzheimer Disease along with these other benefits 2:

  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Improved immune function
  • Slows down the aging process 3
  • Eats up cancerous cells and tumors 4
  • Kills infectious particles and toxins 5

What is the best way to promote autophagy in our own bodies?

Fasting – Nutrient deprivation is the key activator of autophagy. 6

Fasting also stimulates growth hormone, which tells our body to start producing some new parts for the body as well. 7

How long should you fast for?

  1. If you have never done it, I recommend starting slow by using the Intermittent Fasting Guide to help guide you through it.
  2. If you are experienced at intermittent fasting I would shoot for the 36 hour mark to promote autophagy.
  • A study I found looking at the number of autophagosomes (the cellular organelles that degrade dysfunctional proteins)increased 300% after 24 hours of fasting, and a further 30% after 48 hours of fasting. 8 In addition to looking at the number of autophagosomes in a cell, the study looked at a handful of metabolic markers that are indicative of autophagy being stimulated between 24 and 36 hours.

What turns off autophagy?

  • Eating which causes an increase in glucose, insulin and proteins all turn off this self-cleaning process.

So this process of autophagy is unique to fasting – something not found in simple caloric restriction or dieting.

It all leads us back to a balance of feasting and fasting. Not constant dieting.

So spring is here and it’s time to rejuvenate your body and mind after a long winter!!

If the idea of fasting 24+ hours is intimidating, don’t worry and start slow with The Intermittent Fasting Journal to help you get started.

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Have a great day!! Enjoy The Masters!!


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