Yesterday, I went to a funeral of a friend’s mom who passed from ALS.

Funerals are something you never really anticipate or want to go to but unfortunately it is a part of life.

She left this earth too early and I never met her but after hearing all her friends and family talk about how she had such a positive impact on others it really made me want to meet her.

The experience of going to a funeral and listening to countless stories of such a profound woman makes me reflect and wonder if I am helping/influencing enough people in a positive manner?

As we age, time seems to?move faster and faster and in our whirlwind of daily activities reflection is lost.

Sometimes it takes going to a funeral where reflection is first and foremost that it makes us look back on our lives and wonder –

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? “Are we doing enough to impact others?”

But before we can have a profound impact on others we have to take care of ourselves and how we feel!? Which is why I am so passionate about health and wellness.

I also know that this woman went from being perfectly healthy to being diagnosed with ALS and passing away 3 years later that – Life is too short to “wait till tomorrow or next summer.”

If you want to do something for yourself or help positively impact someone else there will never be a perfect time to do it so don’t wait and take action now!

We always can find an excuse or a reason to not do something and look back a year later and wonder why it never got done??? This happens too often.

I don’t want YOU to wait until you go to a funeral and realize you could be doing more for your health or to help others in a positive manner.

I hope my weekly emails inspire you to take action not just read and move on…

One thing I am going to start doing again is a?Daily Journal.? It helps me to reflect daily and look back to see if I am moving in a positive direction.

  • So, what are you going to do to help yourself?or someone in need??Reply back?and I would love to know!!

Anyway, after attending this funeral, I felt the need to write this to all my readers and hopefully inspire you to become a better you and help others along the way.


P.S.? Want to start taking action on your health – don’t wait!!? Become accountable to?The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal…before you know it the year will pass you by!