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Do this to BEAT Fatigue ?

by briangryn | August 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

How many energy drinks have come out over the past year?

More than you and I can count for I am sure! 5 Hour Energy has advertised probably more than the pharmaceutical drug Cialis has! Well I wonder why?!? Probably because most of us are looking for that sustained energy and productivity to carry us throughout the day. No wonder the coffee industry is worth over $100 billion and we drink over 500 billion cups per year worldwide!! What if I told you that you are sitting on a potent energy elixir that costs nothing and is all natural? You would probably think I am crazy. :) Well, Intermittent Fasting can help you use your own body stores (sugar and fat) to create more energy for yourself and your body can finally catch a break and spend less energy digesting and metabolizing calories. Of all the energy your body expends in a day, as much as 30% of that energy might be used on digesting food. 1 Do you ever feel that crash after lunch time and end up falling asleep at your desk or in that meeting?? 962f6857-4f31-4748-9de9-6e7be128b70e.jpg When you are eating most of the day your blood sugar and insulin levels will go up and down like a roller coaster!

Could it be that eating 5-6 times a day is the greatest marketing sales pitch in the diet world today? I think so!

The bodybuilding/supplement/food companies want you to think that you need to buy more protein powder, bars, shakes, portioned out foods etc. to help speed up your metabolism and give you energy because you might wither away if you don't have something every couple hours. :)Bottom Line: No one affiliated with a dieting/food company will promote fasting as a way for weight loss or more energy, right!?! I find the days that I fast I have more energy and alertness. Also, I have more time in the morning to do more productive things (meditate, work out, yoga...etc...) and not have to rush out to work like a crazy man. Unlike most eating plans out there, this one requires no preparation. You can start today if you?d like. Just figure out which 8 hours of your day would work best as an ?eating window? within your lifestyle, and go for it. In The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal, I guide you into a 16/8 (fasting to eating) window by slowly pushing back breakfast an hour per day. It?s possible that you might experience some fatigue and grogginess during the first few days or week, while your body adjusts to this new way of fueling. Give it a few weeks, and odds are you?ll be delighted by how energized, light, focused and productive you feel. I know you think it's crazy that I am actually saying by not eating you will have more energy. Sounds counter-intuitive but once you get the hang of it you will soon find out! If you rather listen to more info regarding Intermittent Fasting - Check out the recent podcast I was a guest on! :) Have a great weekend!! - Brian

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