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Daily things to enhance your life ?

by briangryn | August 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

I know the majority of my writings are geared toward what you should eat (i.e. whole foods, veggies..etc..) and/or when you should eat (i.e. intermittent fasting).

All in an effort to help you feel better mentally and physically to:
  • perform better at work,
  • feel more confident in your clothes,
  • have more energy for the day...etc.
Which was the reason I came out with the Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal. But if we take a step back and realize that eating and exercise are one part of our life - its also important to do other tasks in order to feel complete balance in our lives. So, I wanted to give you some daily or weekly things you could do to make each year that much more meaningful.
  • Wake up earlier. Enjoy the quiet, slow pace of the early morning.
    • Use this time to meditate, practice yoga, pray, reflect, write, exercise, etc.
  • Prioritize. Remember to do the most important things first and don?t get bogged down by the small stuff.
  • Read books (even if it's 10 minutes/day)
  • Eat your food more slowly and actually enjoy it instead of just treating it like fuel.
  • Have one meal with your family (put your phone away)
  • Drive without texting #itcanwait
  • Go for a walk (helps to have a dog) I find early morning walks with my dog Louie is a great way to start the day.
  • Begin a project or hobby you?ve been wanting to start, but have been putting off. Take the first step. (I take piano lessons)
  • Do one thing at a time. Whatever is most important to do right now, do it. Let everything else wait. Don?t even think about the next thing.
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a friend or family member (this can be a refreshing break from small talk)
  • Help others. Being aligned with a charitable organization and volunteering monthly is a great way to give back.
  • Smile. Seems simple but I can walk through the city and not one person is looking up and even acknowledging anybody else. Also, smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness :)
I hope you can take some of these tips and apply them to your life. Time can move fast and it's important to take time for yourself, your family and not sweat the small stuff :) I have created a private community to get health tips and your questions answered in Facebook called The Get Lean Club. It is a closed group but just ask to join and you are more than welcome :) Have a great weekend! Brian

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