Now’s your opportunity to become
an intermittent fasting coach

Learn everything you need to know about the transformative power of intermittent fasting in order to help yourself and your clients
the intermittent
Fasting coach
The Intermittent Fasting Coach Certification Course is a complete all-in-one online course that contains all the knowledge and resources you’ll need to turn your very own passion into a succesful part of your business.

Here’s a Quick Sneak Peek at Some of The Information You’ll Discover Inside This Exclusive Course…

Intermittent Fasting and Women
Some women have to take a different approach to fasting and we touch on that in this module.
Fed vs. Fasted State
Understanding the hormonal changes that take place when fasting can help you understand the power of IF.
Intermittent Fasting vs. Calorie Restriction
Calorie reduction increases appetite and decreases metabolism while intermittent fasting decreases appetite and increases metabolism.
Understanding Leptin
Leptin's main role is regulating how much we eat and burn, as well as how much fat we carry in our bodies.
Variations of Intermittent Fasting
We discuss the different variations of fasting and how it could match the health goals of your client.
Coaching Clients with Intermittent Fasting
With the combination of your client being accountable to you as their coach, daily journal entries and the powerful, flexible way of eating with IF. Your client will get results and want to continue working together.

The Intermittent Fasting Coaching Course consists of 6 specific modules and final exam.

Each module will take a closer examination of Intermittent Fasting, how it works, the history of fasting, the biological impact, how it helps people lose weight, and so much more.
Receive The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal, and earn accreditation and certification of 0.3 CEU’s through NASM and 3.0 CEU’s through AFAA
Get a very solid foundation of knowledge on what IF is and how it can help your own clients get the results they want.
Understand how to get them started off on the right track in order to do IF in a safe and effective way.
THIS COURSE IS SETUP FOR YOU TO LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE AND ON YOUR OWN TIME SCHEDULE. It’s an online course. At the completion of the course, you’ll need to complete and pass a 30 question IF Coach assessment and correctly answer at least 80% of the questions in order to get your certificate of completion and earn your credits.
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intermittent Fasting is transforming people’s health
and changing their lives in many positive ways

Better Concentration
Improve mental acuity and reduce “brain fog”.
High Increase
Increase the levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the body.
Detox Promotion
Promote Autophagy (the body’s ability to detox, repair and regenerate itself.
Lowers Insulin Levels
Prevent insulin resistance which can help you from the onset of diabetes.
Improves Cholesterol Levels
Lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels to improve cardiovascular health.
Get into Ketosis
You will start to burn fat and ketones as the main fuel sources.
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Invest In The Intermittent Fasting Coach
Course and Earn Your Credits!

Now’s your opportunity to take one single, and easy to follow course online to help you not only learn all the most important information regarding Intermittent Fasting, but to gain the proper knowledge you’ll need to grow your business and to help others. Everything you’ll need is in this course, and your investment will also be much lower than what you’re probably expecting. While some courses of this caliber may charge in upwards of $500 dollars or more (and not be as comprehensive or offer CEU’s), I’m not going to ask anywhere near that much. Your investment in The Intermittent Fasting Coach Course is a simple one-time payment of ONLY $259 There are no additional monthly fees or sneaky charges. One payment and you’re all set.
Inside The Intermittent Fasting Coach Course, you’ll get access to all the information mentioned above, plus so much more!
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Once you complete your payment, you’ll get instant access to the course materials so you can get started right away!

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