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Are you taking these DAILY steps to succeed

by briangryn | July 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

What part of the success curve are you on?

As?members?of the?Get Lean Club?we all have very common?goals:
  • fit into our jeans,
  • lose inches around our waist,
  • get rid of those unwanted pounds we put on over the last 5-10 years ago,
  • have more energy,
  • have a clear mind and
  • look better naked??
They all go hand and hand. Each?weekly newsletter?is meant to help you get?closer to that goal?and that is why I also created the?Get Lean Club?on Facebook along with the?Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal. Even though we all have?similar goals, we all have?different reasons?WHY?we are doing these goals.
  • Have the?energy to spend time?with our kids or grand-kids,
  • Be?alive?to see our kids/grand kids grow up
  • Live a?disease free?life
  • Not rely on?prescription drugs
  • Have more?confidence?in the bedroom and in?day to day?activities (golf, gardening, walking stairs?etc)
Reaching these goals are all about taking daily steps and putting?TIME?on your side! Position your?DAILY ACTIONS?so time is working for you instead of against you. Because time will either promote you or expose you. In today?s world, everyone wants to go directly from plant?to?harvest.?For example, we plant the seed by?joining the gym?and then get?frustrated?when a few days go by and there?s no fitness harvest (weight loss). You must?plant?(join the gym or make a salad),?cultivate?(consistent actions over time ? eat a?daily?salad/workout?3-4 times?a week) and finally you?harvest(lose weight or inches around your waist) The?right choices you make today,?compounded over time, will take you higher and higher up the?success curve?of this real time movie called??your life? Brian Gryn - Nutrition Coach The?wrong choices you make today,?compounded over time, will absolutely, positively take you down and out of your end goal. source: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson ??? So what?daily actions?can you start taking?today?to put you on right side of the success curve? Stay away from?processed foods?(breads, cereals, pastas, rice, pastries, buns)
  • Replace with vegetables and occasional seasonal fruits
Avoid?sugar?(soft drinks, candy, cookies, sports?drinks, juice,?ice cream)
  • Drink water (mostly), tea or black coffee (eat 72 cocoa% or higher?dark chocolate for a treat)
Do something?active?at least 3-4 days a week (walk/run/lift)
  • Get a dog?or?workout partner?or?trainer ? always easier when you have someone to hold you accountable)
Make?sleep?a priority (find the amount of hours that is your sweet spot)
  • Set an alarm at night an?hour before bed?to turn off all devices and read or meditate
Find time for?yourself?(meditate, yoga, read, play an instrument, learn something new)
  • You deserve??me??time for your own well being and mental health
Space out time?between?your meals (control insulin by not eating/snacking all day) No matter what you have done in your life up until today,?no matter where you are???you can start fresh, building?positive daily patterns?to help you reach your goals. Have a great day?? ? Brian P.S.??Join the?Get Lean Club?to get your questions answered and more tips! P.S.S. ? Check out this?testimonial?that?Dr. Josh emailed me?regarding using the?Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal

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