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Are You Confused?

by briangryn | September 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

Are you confused on how to lose weight and feel great?

I don't blame you!! ?Every day?there is new advice?on what to?eat!!
  • One person is paleo,
  • The next person is vegan,
  • One article says you should count calories,? the next says to eat fat,
  • My hair stylist?says you should eat breakfast,
  • Another person says to eat?raw food,
  • My longtime friend tells me not to eat dairy or soy,
  • My plumber said I should eat dog food :)
  • Then?there is a book about avoiding wheat and now my neighbor tells me to avoid red meat and so on and so on...etc...
I can see why people are so confused :)? Just stick with me! I can equate it to switching your?golf swing?every week because you read a new tip in the golf magazine.? You will never improve if you don't stick to one thing and master it. In the world of diet and health, It's just like switching your eating habits every week you will never?find what works! I have focused a lot of my previous articles about balancing out your feasting and fasting times which is?the reason I wrote the?Simple?Intermittent Fasting Journal. Keep it SIMPLE!? Eat within a smaller time frame.? Start with that!?? If you need help with changing your time of feasting and fasting - the?Journal will help guide you. :) Once you learn to do that?I would find one meal (I usually use lunch or sometimes dinner)?and make?a big?salad - I know it sounds boring but you will grow to love it :) I put organic mixed greens, pickles, carrots, avocado, beets,?mushrooms, and broccoli?along with a Hilary's veggie burger and Tessemae's dressing on it. You can come up with your own recipe and?put another protein on it if you would like. (grass fed meat or chicken or wild fish) Have fun and be creative! ?Plan ahead by buying ingredients for the?week on Sunday :) After doing this along with balancing out your feasting/fasting times?for at least a month, I am sure you will feel great and probably lose some inches if that is a goal of yours! Feel free to post your recipe/pictures or ask any questions on?The Get Lean Club?- our private health community :) Have a great weekend! - Brian P.S.? Another?podcast interview regarding Intermittent Fasting?with Doug Holt and yours truly!!

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