hi, i’m brian

my goal is to help transform your life and inspire you to become happier and healthier.

i am part personal trainer, part golfer, part internet entrepreneur, part author, part health coach and i have passion for getting the most out of individuals.

I was born outside Chicago in 1980 and have been blessed with great family and friends. (You can even read about some of them in my children’s book: The Magic Zoo).

My mission is to pay it forward by offering support, encouragement and education for those who are seeking positive change in their lives.

Through my Integrative Institute of Nutrition education and 10 years of group training/coaching, I have learned that eating can help the body heal itself. Sometimes it takes small daily changes to make the biggest impact.

I have never believed in diets or counting calories. Eating whole, real foods makes the most positive impact on the body. My goal is to find what works for you because everybody is unique.

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